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Event Name:
Shooting Incident Reconstruction

Event Type(s):

This course contains frequent LIVE-FIRE components! You will see how the evidence at shooting scenes is generated.

•Practical, hands on trajectory measurement techniques, and a comparison of known impact angles to measured angles in walls,cars, other objects and materials
•Training in correct usage of trajectory analysis equipment(rods, lasers, protractors, 3D laser scanners, and more)
•A thorough review of small arms ammunition and projectile design characteristics critical to shooting reconstruction
•Examination of shooting reconstruction as a well-founded aspect of forensic science
•Review of common questions and issues in shooting incidents (case illustrations)
Instruction in shooting incident investigation and reconstruction procedures, as well as basic crime scene procedures
•Case investigation approach and philosophy
•Cover the properties of specific terminal ballistic events (shot sequence, direction of fire, etc.)
•Examination of projectile penetration, perforation, and deflection characteristics of: sheet metal, glass, wall materials, wood,tires, and more!
•A complete review of fundamental exterior and terminal ballistic properties of projectiles
•Laboratory examination aspects of recovered bullets from a reconstructive standpoint - the Locardian Principle and trace evidence considerations
•Chemical tests to determine whether a suspected impact site is,or is not bullet/pellet created
•Cartridge case ejection patterns
•Shotgun ballistics and pellet pattern analysis
•Introduction to 3D Laser Scanning for crime scene documentation and trajectory analysis
•Written test final...
•Test your knowledge, prove what have you learned…

Event Date:
2/27/2023 - 3/3/2023

Event Time:
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM Eastern

Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office
3075 Gun Club Road
West Palm Beach, FL 33406

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Contact Person:
Neil Zielinski
(phone: 5613743190)

Instructor: Michael G. Haag Forensic Science Consultants
Class Location: 3075 Gun Club Road West Palm Beach, FL 33406 (3-minutes from Palm Beach International Airport)
$1,570/student tuition
$85 book- recommended

Students Should Bring:
Appropriate Clothing Water
Note Taking Equipment
Eye and Ear Protection
Computers (if you wish)

This class is designed for:
Crime Scene Investigators
Firearm Examiners
Field Evidence Techs
Crime Scene/Homicide Detectives
Medical Examiners

Outlook/ vCalendar/ Google:
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2/27/2023 - 3/3/2023