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IMAPS-UK PEPTUS Project (Power Electronics Packaging—Training and Upskilling)

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International Chapter or Partner Event


IMAPS-UK is starting a project funded by the Driving the Electric Revolution, an ISCF Challenge delivered by UK Research and Innovation to prepare and introduce a Power Electronics Packaging Training Course based on Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels to address the needs from introduction to power electronics packaging for schools/colleges and Universities through to de-tailed training to assist in upskilling and reskilling personnel for the manufacture and testing of power modules.
One of the most significant challenges for power electronics will be the achievement of reliable and fully functional products that will require electronic and electrical packaging solutions that can operate at higher currents and voltages, faster frequencies and in-creased temperatures, which will place increasingly severe demands on the materials and assembly processes.
IMAPS-UK has identified that knowledge of the materials and assembly processes for Power Electronic devices resides within a limited cohort of electronics packaging engineers and there is little visibility of the multi-disciplinary nature of the work at schools/colleges and Universities.
This project will create and introduce a set of training modules specifically addressing power electronics packaging at three levels, basic, intermediate and advanced.
Basic: Raising awareness of power electronics packaging from School/Colleges to Universities through an introduction video and presentation material explaining the fundamentals and significance of power electronics packaging.
The basic training course will cover:
• Power Package Drivers
• Basic Packaging Processes
• Equipment
• Standard Power Packages

The first Training Course is planned to be run on Monday 25th April as a half-day workshop and is open for registration.
Intermediate: Enabling interested parties to gain understanding of the details of power electronics packaging, for example, in the following themes:
• Packaging Options
• Design Issues
• Materials and Processes
• Understanding the Supply Chain
These intermediate courses will be targeted towards participants needing re-skilling from adjacent industries or who are already working in the field of power electronics, but require more knowledge to understand the multi-disciplinary nature of the challenges faced in designing, manufacturing and testing of power modules.

Advanced: Assisting participants in the implementation of power electronics packaging in Research and Development, prototyping and manufacturing, including the following topics:
• Step-by-step Analysis of Packaging Processes including costs and value chain
• Device Packaging Constraints
• Advanced Packaging Developments
• Testing, Modelling Reliability, Failure Analysis and Lifetime Prediction

The project will commission an open access “Introduction to Power Electronics Packaging” video that will highlight the importance of the UK Microelectronics Industry in this field. It is hoped that IMAPS-UK Members will consider being stakeholders in the project through contributions to the video and course content.
For further information and expressing interest in the PEPTUS project, please contact

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