Policy Power Lunch Rethinking Research Series: Autism in Immigrant Communities – Bridging Gaps in Research and Policy.
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM Eastern
Event Description

We aim to spotlight the unique needs and life experiences of autistic people from immigrant families in the United States. We hope to empower researchers, stakeholders, policy experts, and advocates to work towards real-world policy and research changes.  

In several countries, autistic people face immigration bans due to potentially high support costs. For those who immigrate, accessing care for autism diagnosis is often delayed, despite studies indicating a higher likelihood of autism in children of immigrants. In particular, children of Black immigrants, Central or South American immigrants, Filipino immigrants, and Vietnamese immigrants are more likely to be diagnosed with autism and co-occurring intellectual disabilities. Even less is known about the identification of autistic immigrants with lower support needs. 

As these children transition into adulthood, immigrant families report a lack of information and support. Few U.S. studies have examined the transition experiences of non-native autistic youth and their families. Given that one in four children in the U.S. has immigrant parents, this is a critical population for services and policy focus. Join us for an insightful session and proactive dialogue addressing these pressing issues. 

In this webinar we will:  

  • Discuss the unique needs and experiences of immigrant autistic people and their families. 
  • Discuss what policymakers and people who are making decisions about services should know about this community. 
  • Learn what culturally responsive polices and research can look like to support immigrant communities. 
  • Learn how current politics, policy, and current events impact immigrant autistic people and their families.   
  • Learn what resources are currently available to meet families’ needs  
  • Discuss what services and supports should be available to meet the needs of immigrant communities. 
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