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Crime Scene Processing Workshop
12/7/2022 - 12/9/2022
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Eastern
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This course will provide you with hands-on training in the latest state-of-the-art techniques for crime scene processing. Emphasis will be given to recognizing, documenting, collecting, preserving, and analyzing physical evidence. Investigators, crime scene technicians, and agency personnel who investigate crime scenes will all benefit from this course.

We will pay particular attention to the interpretation of discovered evidence, its value within the scene and usefulness in solving the crime. You will participate in exercises that will give you experience in latent print development techniques, locating and collecting DNA evidence and using light energy to process a scene. You will also learn how to interpret bloodstain patterns and use chemical enhancement methods.

Each of the techniques covered during the course will be accompanied by a discussion on how to explain the particular process in court. The instructor will share actual cases where techniques were successful in solving cases.

Topics Include:

  • Discussion of specific evidence-related scenes ranging from simple property crimes to crimes against persons
  • Photography procedures for scene documentation
  • DNA and where to find it and collect it
  • Latent print development techniques
  • Alternative light sources – processing scenes and related evidence with light energy
  • Casting - tire and shoe patterns, etc.
  • Bloodstain documentation and chemical enhancement
  • Courtroom testimony involving all evidence discussed throughout the course
12000 Alumni Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32224

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Contact Person
Mary Ankenbaur or Jennifer Rainer
(phone: (904) 620-4786)
Instructor: Erin Morris
Audience: This course is restricted to active sworn and non-sworn law enforcement and medical examiner personnel.
Prerequisite: You should have some field experience or knowledge of crime scene processing.
Tuition: $595
Hours: 24
Note: This course is IAI Crime Scene Certification approved.
What to Bring: Clothing suitable for processing evidence using chemicals and powders. Gloves and other necessary protective wear will be provided.
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12/7/2022 - 12/9/2022  

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