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Event Name:Mirror-In-The-Mirror Supervision Training (Huffman/Phifer training model)
Event Type(s):Continuing Education Opportunities
Professional Development
Event Date:9/29/2022 - 10/22/2022
Event Time:8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Eastern
Location:In-Person at Benton Convention Center 9/29 - 9/30 & Zoom: Virtual 10/21 -10/22 (zoom links will be emailed week of)
301 W. 5th Street
Winston-Salem, NC 27101

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Contact Person:Sabina Zarlenga

The workshop is designed to help participants:
1) Describe the historical platform for clinical supervision, supervision as a benchmark for effective mental health counseling, and the vital roles of theory, current research, and multicultural awareness in supervision.
2) Identify the definition of clinical supervision and responsibilities/practice standards for the North Carolina LCMHC Supervisor license. 
3) Differentiate central principles of clinical supervision models, the responsibilities supervisors have for both supervisees and clients, the roles/functions of clinical supervisors, and conflicts and challenges that can arise in clinical supervision. 
4) Distinguish the demarcation between counseling relationships and supervision relationships.
5) Discuss the necessity for the supervision of supervisors as a standard of intentional, aware, and ethical practice.


Dwaine Phifer, Ph.D., retired LCMHCS
has over fifty years of mental health counseling experience.  Specialities:  Child/Adolescent/Family counseling and developmental issues.  One of the first NC LCMHC supervisors to be licensed in NC due to the inspiration of L. DiAnne Borders, PhD (UNC-G). Active LPCANC member since its inception with a focus on the practice and clinical issues related to supervision.  In 2010 developed the Mirror-in-the-Mirror Supervisor Training model and manual with Shirely Huffman, PhD. Along with Rodney Harris, PhD, then developed the current 45-hour in person supervision training model. Through the years, has served as LPCANC Board secretary, treasurer, PDC Chair, and workshop presenter.  Focus for the last eight years has been on the role of counselor/supervisor personality factors in the delivery of counseling services and supervision. 

Tammy Holcomb, LCMHCS, CEDS-S, NBCCH, has developed a passion for supervision after working in the behavioral health fiend for over 30 years. She has carried many supervision leadership roles in the field including Clinical Director of Women’s Program at Ridgeview Institute in Georgia and Executive Director of Carolina House Eating Disorder Treatment Program in North Carolina. Currently, she owns a private practice in Apex, North Carolina. She enjoys working with Counseling Interns just entering the field, Counseling Associates working toward full licensure, and Licensed Counselors working toward their Certification as Eating Disorder Specialists.

605 N. Terrace Place
Morganton, NC 28655
(919) 714-9095


In conjunction with a full slate of important Continuing Education breakout sessions at the Sept 29-Oct 1 LPCANC Conference in Winston-Salem, the LPCANC Board is offering a 45-Hour Mirror-In-The-Mirror Supervision Training (Huffman/Phifer training model). 
Because COVID has significantly affected how group gatherings can and must function, this will be the first opportunity LPCANC has had to reasonably offer the supervision training in almost three years.  Given the uncertainty of the new COVID variant outbreaks and the possibility of new or continuing health guidelines, masks may be required. LPCANC will be following current CDC recommendations for sanitation measures and social distancing. For optimal training purposes, the group will be limited to 16 LPCANC members.  Day I & II will be held at the Benton Convention Center (or Marriott Hotel) in Winston-Salem Thursday September 29, 8 am-5 pm and September 30, 8 am-5 pm. Because of time constraints, a working lunch will be served to the group in the meeting room on both days. Moreover, morning Winston-Salem traffic and major construction creates daily delays on Business 40, attendees are encouraged to stay overnight Wednesday and Thursday at the conference hotel. Additionally, Winston-Salem has many historical and cultural offerings, attendees may want to consider having the family along to enjoy a mini-vacation while the group works!
Folks in the Thursday/Friday Supervision Training group can also register for breakout sessions on Saturday, Oct 1, the last day of the conference, if additional and/or specific renewal credits are needed.  The 2022 Fall conference will be the last mega-conference for LPCANC.
Days III and IV will be held Saturday and Sunday October 21-22 8 am-5 pm via ZOOM.
  •  Workshop attendees MUST be somewhat comfortable with using ZOOM as a workshop platform and be able to present a PowerPoint presentation of a research paper chosen from a list of topics regarding multicultural issues in supervision.
  • Each attendee must also video-record a role-play supervision session in which a colleague or friend serves as the “supervisee”.   The “supervisee” must sign a permission-to-record and for workshop use.  No current or former client may serve as the “supervisee” in the video.   
  • On Day III and IV, attendees will present the results of their multicultural supervision research
  • Each attendee will also choose an eight-minute presentation segment from their video to be “supervised” by a third of the group. The remaining second and third group of “supervisors” will watch and take notes.
  • The first group of “supervisors” will then be “supervised” by the second group of “supervisors”.  
  • The second group of “supervisors” will then be “supervised” by the remaining third of the training group.  
  • This mirror-in-the-mirror process ensures every person giving supervisory feedback also gets supervisory feedback about her/his observations and comments.  
  • This process guarantees future supervisors understand exactly how it feels to be in the feedback hot-seat, how to structure useful feedback without it seeming like an attack, and how feedback can be either extremely growth-enhancing if done sensitively and professionally or devastating if done without careful thought and professional delivery.  
Although there will be some technical help with the required presentations, attendees must be familiar with how to do and present a PowerPoint presentation using Zoom. Attendees must also know how to record a personal video and present an 8-minute clip to the training group. Thus, each attendee must be reasonably familiar with how to use the ZOOM platform for presenting a video. The “supervisee” in the video should be a LCMHC colleague or trustworthy friend. No current or former client can be recorded for this presentation.
Each participant will receive an electronic copy of the copyrighted Huffman/Phifer Supervision Training Manual. Using the manual for reference, attendees will complete a “homework quiz” each day of training. Although the presenters will use PowerPoint presentation covering the manual material, it is important that attendees have read the manual chapters before each meeting. Group discussion, based on an understanding of the daily manual material, is vital. This training is focused on experiential learning as a “doing rather than being done to” event. Group members are expected to stay actively involved in discussion, take notes, and finish the training with a definite understanding of how she/he must function mindfully and ethically as a future licensed supervisor.
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9/29/2022 - 10/22/2022
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