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Event Name:Distortion Interpretation and Feature Distribution
Event Type(s):Training
Description:Landmark-based morphometrics are quantitative methods used by scientists to study form, and
variation in form, within plant and animal species. This is essentially the same method used,
albeit more qualitatively, during the examination of friction ridge impressions. A key difference
for friction ridge examiners is that this method must be applied along two dimensions: 1)
distribution of friction ridge features within the human population (inter-source variation) and
2) variation in the recording of friction ridge skin from the same person (intra-source variation).
Inter-source variation establishes the diagnosticity of the feature for establishing search
parameters and determining identity. Intra-source variation establishes whether the attributes
of a feature are within tolerance for having come from the same source skin.
This 4½ day workshop, taught by Alice White, will link together the biological aspects of the
skin (“morpho” of morphometric) with the geometry of the impressions of the skin (“metric” of
morphometric). The estimated distribution of the features within the population will be
evaluated using published research and exploring the degree of symmetry among twins and
within individuals (bilateral symmetry). Assessing variation in appearance will take place along
two lines of inquiry 1) skin variation due to time (e.g., aging, injury, disease) and 2) variation in
appearance due to distortion during the recording of the skin on a surface.
This workshop includes the content (including skin distortion films) from Alice’s
flagship course, Analysis of Distortion in Latent Prints.
Event Date:5/23/2022 - 5/27/2022
Event Time:8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Eastern
Location:Seminole County Sheriff's Office Professional Development Center
100 Eslinger Way
Sanford, FL 32773

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Contact Person:Heather White
(phone: 4076656781)
Details:Cost of the course is $650.00

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5/23/2022 - 5/27/2022
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