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Event Name:LCMHC-Supervisor 10-hour Continuing Education (LCMHC-S License Renewal) Webinars

LPCANC 10-Hour LCMHC-Supervisor

Renewal Credit Workshop 

      Two Saturdays in May

May 15, 2021 &   May 22, 2021

 STARTS   9:00 AM   and    ENDS  2:00 PM
 (2 days - 5 hours each = 10 Cont. Ed. Hours)

We all know 2020 turned our lives upside down and inside out. As challenged in every aspect of our lives, LPCANC also experienced major stress and upheaval. After some turmoil and much internal advocacy, LPCANC still stands tall as the one and only professional membership association for North Carolina’s licensed clinical mental health counselors. 2021 marks a time of rebirth and renewal with vaccines, the scientifically valid interventions, offering hope for a path forward. This year, now more than ever, shows how critically necessary clinical mental health services are for so many people impacted by the global pandemic.  In 2009, LPCANC drafted, lobbied and advocated for  the 2009 LPC Act. This groundbreaking legislation created two licenses: the LCMHC-Associate and LCMHC-Supervisor. 

As a long standing proponent for clinical supervision OF counselors BY licensed counselors,  LPCANC stands firm today, in its commitment to its core value and mission: The LCMHC and Professional Development. We proudly say and hope you agree:

Deliver Excellence in Professional Development To Ensure Outstanding Professionalism 

TARGET AUDIENCE: Current LCMHC-Supervisors and Board Qualified LCMHC Supervisors
Current LPCANC members (LCMHC-S)  = $95.00 

Lapsed LPCANC Members or New LPCANC members = $225.00

$225.00 Cost Breakdown

Supervision Cont Ed Registration Fee                        $ 95  

1 year of LPCANC Professional Membership          + $130 

                                                                                  = $225

LPCANC Website Registration open Friday morning at 9:00 AM (April 30th, 2021). 

A thumbnail description of each session will be available. Registrants must attend both days for credit and take a short quiz for each of the sessions before credit will be issued. (Quizzes will be posted after the training on the website). All registrants MUST attend for the entire day's ZOOM sessions. Per LPCANC policy, refunds cannot be issued and partial credit is not available. Credit is issued after all the quizzes for the 10-hour sessions are completed. Meanwhile, please update your LPCANC profile or join if you have lapsed.  Remember the fee is for the full 10-hours and is intended as Continuning Education for current Board Qualified LCMHC supervisors and LCMHC-Supervisors.
DISCLAIMER - This training is NOT a substitute for nor can be used towards the 45 hour training required by NCBLCMHC to become licensed as a LCMHC-Supervisor.
Event Date:5/15/2021 - 5/22/2021
Event Time:9:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Location:Via Zoom
Contact Person:Wanda Burger
(phone: 9197149095)
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