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Event Name:Business Continuity Institute CBCI Training

Were you given the critical task to develop, enhance or activate the continuity plan for your organization? Register for the Business Continuity Institute CBCI training and get certified this Spring. 

Passing the Certificate of the Business Continuity Institute (CBCI) is the first step to proving your industry knowledge and joining the BCI’s global network of business continuity and resilience professionals. The official Good Practice Guidelines (GPG) course, which is aligned with ISO 22301, is the most comprehensive review of business continuity concepts and industry good practice from around the world and serves as the foundation for the Certificate of the BCI examination.

Due to exceptional circumstances, Good Practices related to the coronavirus situation in the workplace will be added to the training program to better prepare you. Join the training online given the current situation.

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Register - English Session - March 23-25, 2020
Register - French Session - April 27-30, 2020

Event Date:3/23/2020 - 3/25/2020
4/27/2020 - 4/30/2020
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