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Human vs. Nonhuman Comparative Anatomy Course
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Eastern
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The training provided in this course will give students a comprehensive,
practical understanding of the human skeleton and how to differentiate
human from nonhuman skeletal remains. This one-day, 8-hour course is
designed for crime scene investigators, law enforcement, death
investigators, autopsy technicians, medical examiners, archaeologists,
park rangers, wildlife officers and other professionals that need to be able
to recognize the difference between human and nonhuman bones.
Additionally, this course will highlight the documentation of postmortem
animal scavenging and the opportunity to view bone under a microscope in
order to better understand the differences between human and nonhuman
bone at the cellular level. Each module includes a lecture and hands-on
learning through laboratory exercises that include human and nonhuman
skeletal remains.
FGCU Emergent Technologies Institute
16301 Innovation Lane
Fort Myers, FL 33913

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Contact Person
Micki Besse
(phone: 2395901108)
Approved for IAI Certification/recertification credits


Includes hands-on practical
laboratory exercises, lecture,
textbook, light refreshments,
and lunch
Adams, B., & Crabtree, P.
(2011) Comparative osteology:
A laboratory and field guide of
common North American
animals. Academic Press.

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