TPA Virtual Membership Meeting (May 2024)
9:00 AM - 10:30 AM Eastern
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Thanks to everyone who participated in the TPA Membership Meeting on May 31, 2024.  Special Thanks to our guests, including Jeremy Yale, ODP Director of the Bureau of Policy & Quality Management,  Lydia Dawson, Senior Director of Government Relations at ANCOR, and Stacy DiStefano, CEO of Consulting for Human Services.  
Please find the links below to the materials and recording of the meeting:

Additionally,  as a follow-up to the question posed to Jeremy, "Will the topics be published for the preparedness summit?" As noted in the session,  below are the reference numbers for the standard outlined in the PBC Performance Measures that will be covered in each summit: 

  • June 3
    • Standards will include:  CoS.01, CoS.02, RC.01, RD.01.1, RD.01.2, RD.01.3, ADM.01.1, ADM.01.2, DM.01.1, DM.01.2, DM.02, RM-IM.01.1, RM-IM.01.2, RM-IM.01.3, RM-IM.01.4
  • June 10
    • Standards will include:  WF.01.1, WF.01.2, WF.01.3, WF.01.4, WF.02.1, WF.02.2, WF.02.03, WF.02.4, WF.03.1, WF03.2, WF,03.3, WF.04.1, WF.04.2, WF.04.3, WF.04.4, WF.04.5
  • June 12
    • Standards will include:  RM-HRS.01.1, RM-HRS.01.2, RM-HRS.01.3, QI.01.1, QI.01.2, QI.01.3, QI.01.4, QI.02.1, QI.02.2, QI.02.3, QI.02.4, QI.03.1, QI.03.2, CN-DD/Bx.3.01, CN-DD/Bx.03.2, CN-DD/Bx.03.3; CN-M.01.1, CN-M.01.2, CN-C.01.1 CN-C.01.2 CN-C.01.3 CN-C.01.4 CN-C.01.5, CN-C.02.1 CN-C.02.2 
  • June 20
    • Standards will include:  EMP.01.1EMP.01.2, EMP.01.3, CI.01.1, CI.01.2, RST.01.1, RST.01.2, RST.01.3, RST.01.4, RST.01.5

Once again, thank you for joining our May TPA Membership Meeting! 

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