Association of Leaders in Volunteer Engagement

Project/Committee Details - AL!VE
Programs and Advocacy Committee
Tasked to insure that the ALIVE message is centered and targeted to best represent the membership of the organization by providing quality professional development programming and advocacy for the profession.
Key Elements/Primary Work:

Develop and present professional development programs for our members and the general public.
�Internal Advocacy - Develop and implement strategy to educate membership to advocate for themselves and the profession
�External Advocacy - Investigate and recommend messages and target audiences appropriate to AL!VE participation.
�Partnerships and Collaborations � Strategic collaborative activities between AL!VE and partners
Review and update AL!VE professional standards

Preferred interests and Skills:

�Respect for and belief in the importance of the volunteer management profession
�Interest in and understanding of current events affecting the field of volunteerism and volunteer management
�Wide range of experience in volunteering and management
�Broad minded in approach
�Knowledge of, interest, and/or skills in advocacy
Meeting Schedule: To be determined by the committee members

Time Commitment: 6 to 8 hours / month
Primary Contact:
Emilie Bromet-Bauer, VP of Programs