Association of Leaders in Volunteer Engagement

Project/Committee Details - AL!VE
Programs and Advocacy Committee
Programs & Advocacy Committee has a 3-5 hourly commitment, meets monthly and work on projects independently. Tasks Include: developing monthly AL!VE Academy webinars, Advocacy development, Peer Recognition and more.

Current Members are:
Michelle Raymer, CVA VP of Programs and Advocacy
Paula Allen
Emilie Bromet Bauer, CVA
Bonnie Davis
Allyson Drinnon
Donna Finney
Mindy Rupley
Jennifer Thompson CVA
Rebeccah Verhoff-Kiss
Key Elements/Primary Work:

Develop and present professional development programs for our members and the general public.
�Internal Advocacy - Develop and implement strategy to educate membership to advocate for themselves and the profession
�External Advocacy - Investigate and recommend messages and target audiences appropriate to AL!VE participation.
�Partnerships and Collaborations � Strategic collaborative activities between AL!VE and partners
Review and update AL!VE professional standards

Preferred interests and Skills:

�Respect for and belief in the importance of the volunteer management profession
�Interest in and understanding of current events affecting the field of volunteerism and volunteer management
�Wide range of experience in volunteering and management
�Broad minded in approach
�Knowledge of, interest, and/or skills in advocacy
Meeting Schedule: To be determined by the committee members

Time Commitment: 6 to 8 hours / month
Primary Contact:
Michelle Raymer, VP of Programs & Adv