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The First MN HOSA MRC Training Camp at Camp Ripley takes off with Success!

37 students from Duluth, Moose Lake, UMD, St. Francis, and Spring Lake Park, 4 advisors, and support staff along with staff from the MN National Guard, MN Highway Patrol and MN Department of Health- Public Health Emergency Preparedness made up a dynamic training camp for the MN HOSA MRC.

Barracks, Education Center, Medical Center and the Rec Center were the locations of training, learning and meeting new friends- working together, learning together and growing as confident young MRC (Medical Reserve Corps) members for MN HOSA.

The three days was divided into disaster drills, first aid training, Psychological First Aid, DRAT Training (Disaster Preparedness Course), ICS 200, Leadership training, Career Options sessions and more Disaster Drills. Highlights included having Zach Eich, former HOSA State Officer talk to them about his life in the ROTC and how HOSA helped him get there, Bill Neiss Talking about Mission Trips and “Finding your OWN Calcutta”, and Jayden Lemaire and Mariah Wanless come and talk about preparing for the MRC Partnership Competitive Event and Student-Led Activities.

Each Student went away with certificates, training bags, new ideas, new friends, and a new HOSA song- a Perfect Combination for our first camp.

The Planning has already begun for the Fall of 2014. We have worked out some quirks and adjustments made to accommodate more students and more training. I hope that it will be on your calendar.

A special Thanks goes out to Dave Bambenek, Mike Bellos, Sgt. Travis Williams, Nancy Carlson, Bill Neiss, Lucas, Mary and the students and advisors that made this happen.


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Published: 12/04/13