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Capital Region Talent Initiatives Gear Up for 2019
Developing a robust talent pipeline to meet the needs of the Capital Region's manufacturing sector is a critical issue for CAMC members.  That's why it is very exciting to see several workforce development initiatives moving forward as we enter the New Year.  Although the Capital Region Career Links and Waverly Technology Talent Consortiums were not awarded grants in the first round of the Marshall Plan for Talent, both groups are planning to resubmit their proposals in the next round.  Planning is also well underway for the MiCareerQuest Capital Area career exploration event, which aims to bring 5,000 Capital Region students to the Lansing Center in April, 2019.  Add in the new MI Bright Future online platform, where manufacturers can engage their future workforce right now, and it looks like the Capital Region will make great strides in translating all the talk about talent into real results!  Click any of the embedded links to learn more.
Published: 12/27/18