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Sarah's Adoption Story - An Open Adoption Activity Book

"Sara is adopted. Before she was born, her four parents decided Sarah would have an open adoption. She lives with Mommy and Daddy, and visits with her birth mother. Sarah hopes to meet her birth father someday".

Sarah's Adoption Story tells the tale of a little girl living in an open adoption. A fun and interactive book, which adults and children can enjoy together. Sarah's story encourages families to share their thoughts on adoption. Each activity opens a door for children to express their feelings on adoption with the adults in their lives.



BirthParent Photograph - 2011 Orlando Conference

Photograph taken to go with Birthparent petition.

Pam Hasegawa, is the photographer, and has kindly asked we sell this photo and many more, with the proceeds going to the AAC Grant Program.
All photographs will be sold for the same price on this site.