resep masakan indonesia
resep masakan indonesia

Educational Research & Development Journal



Summer 2021, Volume 24, Number 1

Role of Academic Emotions in the Relationship between Academic Achievement and Resilience among 8th Graders
Lindai Xie, Yi-Lung Kuo
This study investigated the relationship among academic achievement, academic emotions, and resilience of grade eight students in Guiyang. Via a convenience sampling approach, 172 students (45.9% female) were recruited in this study. Students' academic emotions and resilience were measured respectively by using the Academic Emotions Questionnaire and Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale. Results indicated that positive high arousal academic emotion mediating the relationship between resilience and students' academic performance. However, there was no direct relationship among resilience, academic achievement, and other academic emotions. Combining with interviews reports and references, the analysis of results and the ways to help students increase resilience and study with an enjoyable emotion were discussed.
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ISSN: 1526-8659