resep masakan indonesia
resep masakan indonesia

Educational Research & Development Journal



Vol 13, No 1 (2010)

The Study of the Computational Estimation Performance and Computational strategy
Yea-Ling Tsao, Ting-Rung Pan
This study investigated what level of computational estimation performance was possessed by fifth graders in Taiwan and what cognitive processes were used by selected fifth graders on basic types of problems involving computational estimation. Two hundred thirty-five Grade-5 Students from four elementary schools in Taipei City were selected for the Computational Estimation Test. Based on 28 items of the Computational Estimation Test, the average number of items correctly answered by students was 16.37, the percent of correct responses was 58.48%, and the overall performance was moderate. The interview data with the fifteen students indicated that these focal participants employed the processes of reformulation, translation, compensation and they can use the various computational estimation strategies, and the so called rounding strategy was used the most frequently. The other strategies include front-end strategy, adjusting with front-end estimation, compatible number strategy, special numbers strategy, rounding two numbers, and rounding one number.
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ISSN: 1526-8659