OWEA Lunchtime Webinar Survey

During 2010 thru 2013 OWEA hosted 23 Free Lunchtime Webinars.
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Please check which potential webinar topics listed below would be of value to you or your agency/company. Select up to five.
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Comprehensive Rate Study
Affordability Analyses
Strategic Planning
Succession Planning at Utilities
SCADA Real Time Control
Economics Cost of Doing vs Cost of Not Doing
Energy Reduction at WWTPs Energy Neutrality
Energy Efficiency
Conversion of Wastewater Resources to Energy
Stormwater Integrated Planning
Stormwater TMDL
Saving Them & Their Benefits
Urban Flooding
CSO Issues
Clean Water from Private Property
Phosphorus Compliance Strategies WWTP Approaches
Phosphorus Compliance Strategies Watershed Apchs
Ind. Pretreatment Programs Mercury Variances
Biosolids Regulation Update
Emerging Disinfection Technologies
Nutrient Reduction
Nutrient Visions
Gray Water Solutions
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