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Members of the OWEA Public Education Committee will review and determine the level of funding to be awarded. By completing this online form, the applicant is agreeing to use the money only as proposed unless otherwise approved; provide event/activity record keeping and/or follow up as necessary; and provide OWEA with an accounting of how the money was spent. Applicant is also agreeing that accepting the funding in no way makes OWEA a responsible party before, during, or after the educational event and includes a liability waiver exempting OWEA from assuming any legal responsibility for participating students, teachers, and other citizens.

The average funding level is approximately $500 per application/applicant, but varies depending on the number of applicants and funding level requested. Additional monies will be considered based on the amount available and the appropriateness / level of complexity of the project or outreach activity. Total program funds available varies from year to year, but currently is $20,000 (YR 2015).

Upon approval, a check payable to the school or group/organization where the teacher/citizen is employed will be forwarded.
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Grant recipients must take a wastewater treatment facility tour and/or include a presentation from a local wastewater/water quality professional
Name of nearest wastewater treatment facility
Grant recipients must provide a summary of how the funds were used and copies of invoices (if applicable) within 6 weeks following the event/activity to:

Ohio Water Environment Association
Attn: Public Education Committee Chair/Vice-Chair
1890 Northwest Blvd, Suite 210
Columbus, OH 43212

Phone: 614.488.5800
Fax: 614.488.5801
Location of project site or area if outside classroom
Name of stream (if applicable)
If stream enhancement project, what specific water quality benefits will this project have?

How many participants will be involved in this curriculum/project (number of students and instructors)?
What is your plan of action/timeline for completing your curriculum/project?

Which of the options below will apply to your educational opportunity?
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Tour a wastewater treatment facility
Have a wastewater/water quality professional present to your class
Has a wastewater/water quality professional presented to your students in the past? If so, who and when?

Funding will average $500 per applicant but will depend upon on the number of applicants and funds available. Funds can be used for educational materials, supplies, equipment, and transportation. Funds may not be used for food. Please note expense item(s) and estimated cost

Other Contributions and Funding (if applicable): List contributions from other sources or groups (financial, materials, services)

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