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1. Please give us a short statement to answer the following questions: What has been your best experience as a volunteer coordinator? What do you value about the organization your work for? What do you value about yourself as a volunteer professional? What do you value about NOVAA as an organization?

2. What are your current career or job specific goals?

3. The scholarship must be used for a specific training opportunity for which you are applying for financial assistance, and how participation will benefit or enhance your career. (Please be as specific as possible, e.g., Volunteer Management 101 workshop, NOVAA annual conference, CVA assistance, MVVMA conference, etc.)

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4. What Volunteer Administration activities have you participated in to achieve your goals or enhance your professional career? Please include volunteer experiences where you have served in a leadership or contributory role and how that has helped you realize the level/skills you are attempting to achieve.

5. Does your present employer contribute to your professional development? Please explain.

Your application will be sent to the Professional Development Committee. All applications must be received within 30 days from the event/conference date. NOVAA members may receive only one(1) scholarship per fiscal year. Scholarships will be awarded at 50% of the fee, or a maximum of $105.
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