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The therapists listed on Global Professional Association for Colon Therapy's international online referral service are all eligible members of GPACT.
About GPACT members: GPACT requires and verifies that each therapist accepted for membership is Certified at the highest level they have obtained from approved colon hydrotherapy training programs and/or met GPACT's eligibility requirements. Each GPACT member agrees to abide by GPACT's Code of Ethics when they sign their application. GPACT’s Enhanced members receive priority listing on's Referral Service. GPACT membership includes a requirement to complete 10 hours of continuing education every two years.

Our members have profile pages where they introduce themselves and list their services, which allows you to see who is right for you. After your therapy session, please come back to their profile page and rate your therapist.

Colon hydrotherapists can apply to become a GPACT certified member. Once their membership is approved, the GPACT Certified Therapists are automatically listed in this Therapist Search database.

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