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Ms. Garry Sanden
Life has a way of breaking us into pieces; pieces we must pick up and reassemble into a peaceful, joyful existence. Although painful, this journey is never unrewarded. In my efforts to do just that, I have come to painting and mixed media to express myself. The pleasure I am now finding in life and art is evident in my work. If one of my paintings gives you joy or laughter then I have done what I have set out to do as an artist.
Susan Canasi
SUSAN CANASI This year I will be featuring newly designed metal artworks as well as an exciting series of colorful acrylic paintings. Recently I have completed several private commissions that were specifically designed to create a unique vision for home and office. If you would like to talk about my artwork or have ideas for a custom design piece, please feel free to give me a call or send me an email. I look forward to meeting you during the Hidden in the Hills Studio Tour and Sale. In addition, my works are featured at the Tempe Center for the Arts Art Shop and The Store at the Mesa Arts Center.
Lynn Smith
Listed in: acrylic, oil
Lynn Walsh
Listed in: watercolor, acrylic
Ms Ayden Shaw
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Mrs Patti Hoffert
I?m a self-taught artist and who found my passion for art after retirement. In 2008, my husband and I moved to Arizona where I took my first art class in watercolors with a wonderful instructor. She told me I had talent and I quickly discovered a new passion ? art! I love color and the wonderful textures of nature and try to incorporate them into my art. My goal is to portray the beauty and wonder of nature ? both human and in the world around us - with bright colors and bold moves. I strive to convey feelings of hope and happiness through my work.
Cecilia Gallagher
Listed in: acrylic, oil, mixed media
Michelle Dickinson
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Janet Crane
Listed in: pastel, acrylic
Ms Sandra Tracey
Listed in: acrylic, watercolor, wood
Ms Linda Paul-Sontag
Listed in: oil, acrylic
Linda's early college education focused on the fine arts, but practicality took her another direction. After 12 years working as a Technical Illustrator and Graphic Designer, a bizarre twist of fate found her in the telecom industry. Eventually, her Associates Degree in Art evolved into a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. As recently as early 2017, she was managing a large-scale project for a major wireless carrier in Arizona. However, a nagging inner voice held fast as a constant reminder that her ability to draw and paint was central to her very existence - no matter how long denied. Now, Linda is again listening to that voice.
Ms. Naimisha Chakravadhanula
High school freshman
The artist is part of the Welearnart art community, and has been taught by her teacher Ms. Padma Tangallpalli since 2015. She has painted using various media such as acrylic, watercolor, pen and ink, mixed media etc. in her 5 year painting journey. The artist is in 9th grade at BASIS Scottsdale high school.
Gayle Kelly
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Mrs. Pat Reiniger
Acrylic Artist
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Interested in art, drawing and painting since childhood, Pat Reiniger has been working with acrylics for over 40 years. After retiring in 2017, she has found more time to devote to painting. For her, art and art appreciation are among the greatest pleasures of life.
Caroline Suycott-Crueger
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Ms. Ilona Wale
Retired art teacher
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Born in Los Angeles, Awenita was raised in Taos and Santa Fe, New Mexico. After receiving her BFA from the University of Southern California, she moved to San Francisco and the surrounding area for fifteen years. Along with her husband and two sons, Awenita moved to Phoenix in 2017. Her love of painting was reborn when she began gardening and discovered the flora and fauna native to the Southwestern region. Her paintings of local scenery and plants, begin as a charcoal contour sketch on canvas. ?I feel that nature has designed my paintings, creating the design on canvas is all that is left.? Through close observation, Awenita?s compositions, through simple lines and shapes arrive to become highly detailed paintings. Awenita finds it calming to paint from nature and sees the act of painting as a form of meditation. Her creativity is her way of always observing and studying the native plants and surroundings of Arizona. ?Being outside is great for your soul and I?d like to think that my paintings bring the beauty of the outdoors inside.?
Claudia Hartley
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Arya Murthy
Hello, my name is Arya Murthy, and I am 12 years old. I started doing art when I was about 5 years old. Ever since I started, I have been interested in doing art and I have always enjoyed it. I have explored many mediums, including acrylic, watercolor, ink, marker, colored pencil, charcoal, and many more, and I just recently started oil painting. I usually do realism in my artwork, like animals, landscapes, objects, etc. But I also love to explore other styles of art. I don't just do art because it makes me happy, but I do it to make others happy as well. My art has helped a charity, called the K2 Adventures Foundation. I was chosen to have my art displayed at an event hosted by them, where my art was auctioned off and the money went to charity. My art also won a second-place prize at the Tempe Festival of Arts. I would like to continue helping other charities through my artwork, while still having fun. Thank you!
Catherine Newton
Suzanne Riley
Encore career artist/painter
I am a retired educational administrator with a business and organizational leadership background, having hung up my formal career cap and plunging brushes first into my "encore career", painting. While landscapes tend to be my first choice subject, I also enjoy painting people, animals, still life, and almost anything that catches my eye and my heart. I started acrylic painting on a whim in December 2015, joining my then co-workers in a worksite wellness activity painting Van Gogh's Starry Night. Almost five years later, we had to move to a larger home to house my canvases, carts, paints, brushes, and all the accompanying tools that make painting so much fun in my home studio. Other artists overawe me with their talent, creativity, and individuality, motivating me to continuously learn and develop my style.
Mr Michael Dandreaux
I have always been interested in and involved with art. In high school, I majored in art. I then earned a Bachelor of Fine Art degree from the New York Institute of Technology and a Master of Art degree from Adelphi University. While in college, I worked as an advertising artist for the penny saver newspaper and yellow pages directory and in an art gallery doing matting and framing. Later I worked as a Technical Illustrator in New York and, after arriving in Arizona in 1982, I taught Oil & Acrylic Painting in evening classes for Phoenix College and Black & White Photography for Paradise Valley Community Education. I have more recently been concentrating on acrylic and oil painting as well as pencil and charcoal drawing and airbrush work.
Mary LaRue Wells
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Presslie Hughes
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Soonthorn Cheevasit
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Aileen Garvey
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David Way
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Barbara Gray
WillaJean & Larry Wilson
Listed in: acrylic, oil, gourd, fiber art
Suzie Harrison
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Ms. sandy fisher
Nature, the ultimate source of beauty, will alwayss be my inspiration. The shape of a petal, the shadow of a leaf, the intricacy of a vine, all excite me visually and fuel my desire to communicate my passion for the natural world in a fresh and innovative way. My recent work is driven by my fascination with the complex processes that have shaped our world over time. This work reflects the vibrant colors, textures and shapes of our landscape
Gerald Wood
Ron Steege
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Shan Koenig
Listed in: acrylic, watercolor
Mr Lewis Green
Listed in: acrylic, mixed media
ARTIST BIOGRAPHY LEWIS GREEN As a child, my teacher happened top be my grandpa. The war was ending, my dad was engaged in that war and my mom was working for the war effort. Grandpa let me discover lots of ?things?, he encouraged me to explore everything natural. We painted, made objects and smaller items like wooden knives, a bow and some arrows. I decorated a shield and a spear. It seemed that he liked everything that I made and decorated for him. He didn?t put limits on what I was exploring. When in grade school, I remember a Japanese exchange artist that worked with our class. He encouraged me to explore color and shapes. During junior high again, we had another Japanese exchange art teacher. We worked with shapes in clay and firing glazes. That was a good experience also. He focused on bold colors, which of course were my favorites. I did show him some of the paints made with my grandpa. While in high school I took classes in architectural drawing and perspective. In the shop and industrial education department I learned wood and metal working. I did excel and it was a plus added into my artist drawer. Attending the University of Washington did give me chances to enroll in mostly art appreciation survey classes, so I did explore several areas from graphic design, more architectural design, music and designing puppets and puppetry. I graduated with a BS in Biology in Pre Med, BA in Education, a good basis in the arts and a pair of Armor 2nd Lieutenant bars. Then I was sent to Southeast Asia with its jungles, peoples and war. After all of that experience, I started teaching. Retired after about 30 years and then created a design-build custom home building company. I developed more physical and life experiences. All this has given me a rich basis for my abstract art. I use bold colors with varied shapes and architectural features. My native culture is represented in many aspects and is often featured in my paintings. It is my hope that the observer is taken into this art and travels through it with some appreciation of what I have to offer.
Anna Edith Edwards
Listed in: acrylic, oil
Lee Anne Park
Miss Mia Posch
7th grade art student
Mr William Durrenberger
Pat Paxson
PAT PAXSON CV April, 2014 2014 Glendale Arts Council, AZ, juried Statewide Fine Arts Competition AAG Statewide Juried Show, Scottsdale, AZ Continuation Solo Show, Phoenix, AZ until mid-Jan. Post Road Art Center, AZ, juried show Seasons. Fountain Street Fine Art- MA: members show Nov. AAA juried show AZ 2013 Juried into the Fountain Street Fine Art Gallery (MA) as an Associate member Juried group show at the Arizona Art Alliance Gallery in the autumn. Solo show Nov/Dec in Phoenix, AZ. Juried into NAWA (National Association of Women Artists) in New York, NY Group show at NAWA, Oct/Nov, New York, NY Juried group show at the Arizona Art Alliance Gallery in the spring. 2012 Art Into Spring', juried show at the Arizona Art Alliance. Celebration of Artists', juried show at West Valley Art Museum in Peoria, AZ. WestBoro Gallery, group show 2012. Group show, juried, at Vision Gallery, Chandler, AZ from July to December Solo show, Tatnuck Bookstore Event Room, under aegis of Westboro Gallery, MA 7/16 -8/12. 2011 Beatitudes campus Landscape' show, Phoenix AZ, April though June, juried AAG. Arizona Artists Guild - spring show. 2010 3 person show, Navio Gallery, New Bedford, MA in September 2 person show at List Gallery, Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, PA in June Arizona Artists Guild, Phoenix, AZ. juried show 2009 Artworks Gallery, New Bedford, MA, juried show Arizona Artists Guild, Phoenix, AZ. juried show 2008 McNeill Gallery, London Artworks Gallery, New Bedford, MA, juried show Fountain Gallery, East Molesey, SY, England (2 person show) 2007 Solo show at the Lewis Elton Gallery, University of Surrey, Guildford. Solo show at the Tavistock Centre, London. Lacy Road Gallery, London. 2006 S.T.C.F.', Robert Phillips Gallery, Riverhouse, Walton on Thames. 2-person show) Dancing Lines', The Fountain Gallery, East Molesey, SY. 2005 'C.H.A.S.E.', Royal College of Art Gallery, London. Lacy Road Gallery, Putney, London. 2000 'Perspective 2000', Ormeau Baths Gallery, Belfast, Northern Ireland. River Gallery, Art Institute of Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI., USA. Earlier information on request. Associations: Juried member of NAWA (National Association of Women Artists); Juried member of Arizona Artists Guild; Juried member of Arizona Artists Alliance; member of Concord Art Association MA; 'Represented' by Xanadu Gallery (see website), Scottsdale, AZ; Juried Associate Member of Fountain St. Art Gallery, MA; member of ArtsWorcester Group MA; member of Tempe Artists Guild, AZ; member of Sonoran Arts League, AZ (see website) . Born and raised in U.S.A. After college, lived in London, England from 1970's until April 2008. Now living in U.S., half the year in MA and half in AZ, with working studios in both places. Education: B.A., Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, PA. 1998 - M.A., Drawing in Fine Art Practice, Wimbledon School of Art, London, England. 2004 - PhD., Visual Arts (Practice and Theory), Goldsmiths College, University of London, England. Awards: 1998 - Joint first prize, Barclaycard/Nene Drawing Competition. 2000 - 2003 yearly A.H.R.B. Fellowship awards, for tuition at Goldsmiths College, for 3 yrs. Public Collections: Univ. Of Surrey, UK; Private collections in Canada, France, England and U.S. Book: A big triptych painting is included in a series in the U.K. called Public Catalogue Foundation', the Surrey volume. My books---I have published 2 books: a book of my poetry and paintings titled: Bars and Windows, diary of a poet/painter' (2009) , and a more scholarly book which explores the idea of intuition, from an artist's point of view, titled "Art and Intuition' (2nd edition January 2013) 3rd edition looking for a publisher. CONTACT: Telephone: 774-239-7901; Email: Web: Second web site: ( shopping cart facility). See also: Xanadu Gallery website, go to Artists, type in Paxson.
Tatum Stephens
Tatum is a 13-year-old who has continuously tried to perfect her skill. She has grown immensely in the past several years. Her main focus right now is colored pencils. Tatum has been a member of the Desert Shadows art academy for two years.
Anna Ryan
Listed in: mixed media, acrylic, wood
Arizona native Anna Ryan grew up with the stories of her great grandmother who immigated to Gallup, New Mexico when New Mexico was still Old Mexico. These stories, along with her own experiences as a life-long denizen of the Southwest, infuse her folk art paintings of saints and desert life?actual and fantastical?with a peculiar Sonoran flair. Her interest in art as story-telling took hold at New Mexico?s College of Santa Fe, as an art therapy student. Eager to share her own stories, she returned to Arizona, raided her scultptor father?s shop for scraps of Arizona pine board, and began painting, using a limited, vivid palate of eight colors plus black and white. This will be her second year exhibiting at the Sonoran Art League?s signature Hidden in the Hills tour. When she isn?t painting, Anna can be found in her garden in Mesa or telling tall tales to her three children.
Mr Terry Topf
Listed in: oil, acrylic, charcoal, pastel
Began serious work 12 years ago while living in Mexico. Member of Mazatlan Art Walk and art society. Participated in numerous shows in Mexico and selected for 10th anniversary Art Walk expo. Showings with Sonora Arts League and Herberger Theater Arizona artists gallery. Works in oil, acrylic, pastel and watercolors
Mrs. Denise Wysocki
Listed in: acrylic, mixed media
Linda Perea
Listed in: acrylic
Ms Jeannette Campbell
Jeannette Campbell About the artist . . . Born and raised in an Indiana family of artists, my mother and aunts laid paper, chalk, crayons and graphite into my hands encouraging me to create everything ?wonderful?most every day. When outside, I would be under the trees drawing ?bugs in the grass and clouds in the sky?. Throughout grade school, junior high and high school I excelled in art. I attended Butler University completing my Bachelors Degree in Education with a major in art from the John Herron Art Institute. A Masters Degree was awarded from Indiana University in Art and Special Education.  Additionally, I completed graduate work in art at San Francisco State University. I?ve lived and taught in eight states, traveled and toured seven countries drawing and painting to capture memories. I?m currently retired and finding some time to paint.  Subjects range from the youngest of memories through my living experiences and even a touch of whimsy to the fantastical Sent from my iPad
Robert LaPolice
Sara Drahos
Student Artist
Guenter Schwarz
After a busy professional life as highly specialized small animal veterinary surgeon, I finally could return to my favorite hobby of my early years: drawing and painting. Living part of the year in Austria and part of the year in Terravita gives me ample occasion to enjoy arts, work with different media and consequently hone my skills.
Arlene Meyer
Arlene Meyer - 2017 I consider myself an eclectic artist. Since moving to Arizona in 1998, I continue to evolve as an artist through classes at the Scottsdale Artists' School, Paradise Valley Community College, Brio School of Fine Art, and The Phoenix Center for the Arts. Recent paintings focus on the abstract. I use cloth and tissue as a structure and acrylic paint for the finish. I enjoy experimenting with different mediums and techniques, including oil and ceramics. My paintings have been shown at the Cave Creek Arts and Film Festival, Hidden in the Hills Artist Studio Tour, Paradise Valley Community College, Harris Bank, in Carefree Arizona, Herberger Theater Center and Sonoran Arts League juried shows. My work is currently being shown at On The Edge Gallery in Scottsdale.
Merrily Kulmer
Originally from Utah, Merrily Kulmer is an active participant in the arts community with works in many public and private collections. The focus of Merrily's work over the past 40 years has been teaching and painting in different media, technique, and style. Her passion for many years has been portraiture and she is a member of the American Society of Portrait Artists. Recently, Merrily was the portrait artist for the Mrs Utah Pageant. Besides painting portraits, Merrily also enjoys abstract painting, as these paintings best express her ideas and emotions through symbolism. It is her hope that these paintings invite you to draw your own interpretation while offering you visual cues from the gesture, color fields, and energy. From her experience and membership in the Ching Hai Oriental Painting Association, she mastered the Oriental Brushstrokes of Chinese Calligraphy. This technique allowed her to bring a much-needed simplicity to her paintings and many of her abstract paintings reflect her studies in Asian Calligraphy and the Way of the Brush. Merrily has also taught in both public school and private workshops. She particularly enjoys teaching intermediate students and finds that she enjoys taking her students to new heights. Merrily has also served on the Board of Directors for the Bountiful/Davis Art Center, as well as serving as a member of the Utah Watercolor Association, and the Pastel Society of Utah. She is also a member of the Lamplight Art Gallery in Utah where she serves on the executive board. Currently she is a member of the Sonoran Art League and exhibiting at the El Pedragal, Scottsdale Az.
Sharla Deuschle
Listed in: acrylic
Richard Sell
Listed in: acrylic
Anni Lines
Arizona artist, Anni M Lines began painting at the age of nine with her father, a well known artist in Ontario, Canada. Art has been a part of her life since then. Much of her work is inspired by the calmness and serenity that come from communing with nature and from a desire to capture the colors and shapes of the outdoors to create abstracts. She works with acrylics, oils, watercolor, inks and pastels. Many of her works are mixed media. Although her formal education was in Food, Science and Nutrition, with 25 years spent as a clinical dietitian and nutritionist, she has studied art at Fleming College in Ontario, Canada, and at Arizona State University. She has also taken classes from various instructors including Paavo Airola and Pet Dews. Her work has also been inspired by the work of Dolores Schilling Ziegler. Fiber arts is also a fascination of hers and she incorporates fiber into her mixed media works. She also loves photography and dabbles in that as well.
Dr. Victoria Peterson
Listed in: acrylic, oil
30 years experience painting in acrylics, oils, and pastels. Shown in galleries in Washington, Nevada, and Arizona.
Mr. William Thain
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Sally Bills Bailey
Listed in: watercolor, acrylic
NWS/NWWS/WFWS/WSO Living at the foot of Mt. Hood, Sally Bills Bailey's paintings reflect her love of mountains, snow, trees and wilderness. Her use of strong color and bold shapes are a result of the winters she now spends in Arizona. Throughout her art career she has taught children and adults and now concentrates on watercolor and acrylic painting. She has received many awards for her work and is a Signature Member of the National Watercolor Society, the Northwest Watercolor Society, Western Federation of Watercolor Societies and is Diamond Signature Member of the Watercolor Society of Oregon. Her paintings are shown at the Portland Museum Rental/ Sales Gallery, in Hood River, Oregon, and in Cave Creek, Arizona. MEMBERSHIP - National Watercolor Society, Signature Member - Northwest Watercolor Society, Signature Member - Western Federation of Watercolor Societies, Signature Member - Watercolor Society of Oregon, Diamond Signature Member - Arizona Watercolor Association - Sonoran Arts League, AZ - SPLASH! Critique Group - Buffalo Grass Society EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE - Professional artist: watercolor and mixed media paintings. - Instructor of drawing and painting to children and adults for 30 years. - Art and Art Education, University of Illinois and Denison University. JURIED SHOWS AND AWARDS - California Watercolor Society, International annual juried show, Pleasanton, CA 2013, 2015 - Western Federation of Watercolor Societies, annual juried show, Dalles, TX, 2013, AZ 2014, CO 2016 - Adirondack National Exhibition of American Watercolors, juried show, Old Forge, NY, 2013 - Watercolor Society of Oregon , 32 Juried Shows, 15 awards (1st prize 2003) - Northwest Watercolor Society, 5 juried shows, award 2004, Signature Member Show, 2005, 2006 - Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts, 2 Invitational Shows, 2 awards, Chronicle Invitational Show 2010, 2013 - SPLASH! Critique Group, Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts, main feature 2007, 2010 - Columbia Center for the Arts, Hood River, OR, 7 featured shows, solo show 7/2018 - The Dalles Art Center, The Dalles, OR, featured artist - San Francisco Bay Area - numerous shows - Arizona Artists Alliance, First Prize, 2012, Second Prize 2012 - Leisure World, Mesa, AZ, 1st, 2nd, 3rd prize, Best of Show 2012, '13, '17, '19, Viewer's Choice 2019 - Sonoran Arts League, Cave Creek, AZ. March Madness Juried Show, 2019. Hidden in the Hills Open Studios Tour-November 2019 - Gorge Artists Open Studios, 2018, 2019, 2020 REPRESENTED BY: - Portland Museum Rental / Sales Gallery, Portland, OR - Columbia Center for the Arts, Hood River, OR - Sonoran Arts League, Cave Creek, AZ PUBLICATIONS: - A Bird's Eye View of Hood River Valley - A Bird's Eye View of Timberline Lodge
Jane Mishkind
Listed in: oil, ink, acrylic, jewelry
Terrence Twohy
Jennifer Folker
Listed in: oil, acrylic, mixed media
Nato Velkov
Listed in: acrylic, oil
C. A. (Cindy) Moses
Listed in: acrylic
Attended Kansas City Art Institute Northern Illinois University California College of Arts and Crafts
Richie Culver
Listed in: acrylic
Barbara Minas
33785 N. 70th Way
Scottsdale, AZ 85266
United States
Sandy Burke
Listed in: pastel, acrylic
Mark Tate
Listed in: acrylic, jewelry
Isabel Gorin
Mrs Jan McGlaughlin
Retired Insurance broker now focused on acrylic & mixed media painting to share my love of nature and wildlife through my paintings
Carolyne Ruck
Ms. Caroline Grinere
Yvette Clevish
Adria Shields Designs
Ms Adria Shields
Alicia Marie Fine Arts & Jewelry
Mrs. Alicia Short
ALICIA MARIE SHORT Alicia has been interested in art since she was a child. She attended Arizona State University majoring in art. In her early 30?s she had the opportunity to attend art school. She was living in New Orleans at the time and attended the John McCrady Art School. It was a fine arts private school located in the French Quarter with excellent local and nationally known instructors. The school taught oils, pastels, watercolors and many other design and art mediums. She was selected Student of the Year for the two years she attended. After art school she has entered art shows winning ribbons. She has continued to paint in oils and watercolors over the years. Presently she teaches watercolor, acrylics, mixed media and oil painting in Mesa. Her interests have changed from painting realistically to exploring more mediums and styles. She recently received the Artwork of the Year Award by the Mesa Art League. Her paintings have received awards at the Art Shows held by the Art Department of Dreamland Villa. She is also a juried member of the Sedona Art Center and recently sold two paintings from shows at the Center. She is also a juried member of the Arizona Art Alliance and recently had a painting accepted in their Holiday Juried show held last October. Alicia also makes handmade jewelry and presently has her jewelry at the Mesa Art Center Artist Coop store.
Alyson Miller Artist
Alyson Miller
An artist all my life, I am a member of the Sonoran Arts League currently showing at The Gallery at El Pedrigal. My eclectic contemporary style is unique and engaging. I arrived at it circuitously, from an extensive Fine Art education and an original intent to be an artist, through years of design work in the high-tech industry, then back to creating my own art with renewed sense of purpose. Born and raised in New York City, I grew up in an arts-friendly family. As a child my favorite presents were colored pencils, pastels, paints, and origami paper. During high school, life drawing classes at the Art Students' League in Manhattan, along with visits to New York City's many art museums and galleries, cemented my desire to pursue art as a career. I completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Queens College of the City University of New York and graduate work in Fine Art at the University of California at San Diego, on full scholarship. Life interrupted my plans to be a full-time working artist, but I kept my creative energy alive during this hiatus by pursuing a career as a visual designer/writer of user manuals, software user interfaces and newsletters, and as a web designer in the high-tech industry in the San Francisco Bay area and Portland, Oregon (where I raised my family), including stints with Hewlett-Packard and Intel. On the side, I made jewelry, worked with yarn, designed extensive gardens, and painted murals on my walls. Now I live and create art in Carefree, AZ, where my work has been juried into local outdoor art festivals put on by Thunderbird Artists and Vermillion Promotions, a Fiber Arts Invitational at the Holland Gallery, as well as multiple Sonoran Arts League rotations and shows. I'm delighted to have found my way back to my original calling.
Stacy Neasham
Listed in: oil, acrylic
Abstract artist that paints intuitively using a multi layer process which creates texture.
Anastasi Fine Art
Donna Anastasi
Listed in: watercolor, acrylic
Donna Anastasi was born in Washington, DC, and lived in Maryland for most of her life. She ran a successful architectural design and drafting business in Maryland and recently retired to allow more time to embrace her passion of watercolor painting. In 2010, Donna and her husband bought a house in Phoenix, and have been full-time Arizonans for a couple of years. Donna?s wonderful watercolor journey began in 2008 with a watercolor class taught by Maryland Artist, Brenda Kidera. She continued to paint with Brenda until she moved to Arizona. Donna?s paintings were exhibited in the BWS Mid-Atlantic Regional Watercolor Exhibition in 2010 and in 2012. She is a signature artist with the Baltimore Watercolor Society as well as the Sonoran Arts League. Donna has taught watercolor classes at the Foothills Community Foundation and loves helping others understand the mysterious medium.
Andrea Krudo
Andrea Krudo
I love brilliant color and I adore contrasts of light and shadow. Nature entices me with her ever changing palette and personality. I believe that Spirit is in our art. When we, as artists, can tap in to that higher perspective, our art touches the soul. After living nearly all of my life in Florida, I moved to Cave Creek, Arizona in 2018. My husband and I were done with hurricanes and Cave Creek was the perfect answer to that. As a small child I dreamed of becoming a professional artist and spent countless hours drawing, painting and writing. Art truly was my first love. I graduated from University of South Florida with a Fine Arts degree and immediately became a professional singer for the next 16 years. I have raised twins, been a teacher, a sales manager, a professional psychic and a business owner. My path has been varied, but my love of the artistic process has never diminished. Facebook URL
Anguilla Memories
Mr. Kirk Russell
Graduated College, worked as a photojournalist for 5 years, started a studio which I owned for over 28 years & continued to explore my painting. I love to work with my clients to create their dreams and love in a visual expression. I have a great time collaborating with my clients. If it can't be fun and enjoyable in our creative efforts, let's not do it. You have no idea what the extent of my experience and creativity is. I have been described as a photographer's photographer. I am an Acrylic Painter, Elected Artist Member, PPA, & Sonoran Arts League. I have earned my living for over 30 years as a professional artist. Let's create a work of art together Acrylic Painting, Fine Art Portrait or a Mixed Media work of Art. An award winning artist, Kirk has exhibited his commercial and fine art works internationally, as well as teaching and lecturing for years. Kirk?s award winning images have graced the homes and boardrooms of many of the leaders of movies and industries. Under privacy agreement, Kirk is limited to name but just a few of the people he has focused his artistic talents on. Names such as James Earl Jones, Michael Douglas, Robert Redford, fashion Icon Mary McFadden, as well as President Jimmy Carter, and First Lady Mrs. Carter to name a few. Please contact Kirk for a Fine Art Photographic Portrait, Acrylic Fine Art Painting, Mixed Media work of art on canvas or fine art paper. WHAT DO YOU GIVE SOMEONE THAT HAS EVERYTHING? A Fine Art Work by Kirk.
Mrs Christine Grosse
Listed in: acrylic, oil, watercolor
Christine grew up on Long Island, NY, the daughter of musicians. She began drawing horses, beaches and houses as a young girl. Her grandmother was a prolific painter, who encouraged her to continue her art. In addition to Arizona, Christine has lived in Florida, South Africa, Mexico, Virgina, and the UAE. She enjoys painting nature, and finds inspiration in its beauty.
Bud Foullois
ART with me Az LLC
Jessica Pierce
Artistic Motivator
My name is Jessica and I am an Artistic Motivator and creator and own a Paint & Sip art studio in Surprise, AZ! I am passionate about positive art self talk and encourage this in my interactions with other artists and the community. My goal is to bring Artistic Confidence to the forefront! I primarily work with acrylic paints, fluid art, and alcohol inks. I use these mediums on paper, wood, canvas and create jewelry as well. I have practiced many forms of art throughout my entire life and look forward to continuing to learn and grow artistically in this Leauge!
Artsy Cat Studios
Cat Davenport
Listed in: acrylic, wood, ink
I am a self-taught artist from Arizona. I've been drawing for over 30 years and started painting about 20 years ago. I started selling my art in 2019, never before believing anyone would want to buy it I use to give everything I painted away to friends or anyone who admired a piece. Now, I spend my time working full-time, painting part-time and going to grad school. I love art in all forms but my favorites to paint are geometrical abstracts.
Susan Bjerke
Susan has been sketching, drawing and painting since someone gave her crayons and told her not to paint on the walls. Her background has been in business with a side of art supplies. Spending years as a controller and a business analyst, when her last job ended, she elected to use those supplies. To further her understanding of art, she's taken workshops, online classes and developed a habit of daily painting. The art posted on her website, is a result of that practice. "I am constantly trying to challenge myself to improve composition, color combinations and atmospheric effects. As I travel, I try to paint where I am and photograph what I see so that I have references to work in the studio when I'm back in my adopted state, Arizona"
Balancing Rock Studio
Betsy Glatz
Fax: 4804716188
Listed in: acrylic, glass
Betsy Glatz has been active in the art and design communities in Cave Creek, Scottsdale, Phoenix, Las Vegas and Chicago for over 40 years. Her focus is large format abstract acrylic paintings and glass wallscapes which are inspired by her energy and interpretation of the movement of color.
Barb Goldberg Art
Ms. Barbara Goldberg
Listed in: acrylic, mixed media
Barb Goldberg is a contemporary, abstract artist. Her art reflects her bold use of color to reflect life?s resilience. She has shown her art at various galleries including the Arizona State University Library, The Walter Gallery, Mayo Hospital, ShaneLand Gallery, First Studio Gallery, Sisal Gallery, Shemer Art Gallery and the JCC Art Gallery. She has shown her work at Pita Jungle Restaurants and Stacey?s Café. Barb?s awards include 2018,2017, 2015 Vortex Awards, Scottsdale, Arizona; Best of Artist SCC 2018, 2017, 2015; Artists of Promise Award 2017, 2015; Best Student Work, Shemer Art Gallery.Her pieces have been purchased by corporations and private collectors.
Beth Zink Studio
Beth Zink
Listed in: acrylic
Cave Creek artist Beth Zink has found a way to combine her passion for painting and her love of nature. Her work is realistic, yet characterized by vivid color and meticulous attention to detail This light, fresh, style has been called a reflection of her personality. Beth enjoys painting "vibrant contemporary botanicals", in acrylics on canvas. "The creative process is challenging, but ultimately joyful. It is a labor of love." The special relationships that are formed between artist and patron are what motivates Beth. The gift of talent and the creative process bring Beth joy in the creation, and her clients joy in the completed artwork. Beth taught art to children for years in public and private schools. She continues to host corporate workshops and weekly adult painting classes. Beth met her husband Jon in 1974 in Colorado, and they moved to the valley in 1986. They have two sons who now have families nearby. The family members participate in shows, marketing, and sales. Beth likes to call it, "Team Zink." Jon and Beth collaborate on new products and designs. In 2007, Jon designed and had constructed, the Beth Zink Studio, as an addition to their home in Cave Creek. It is a spacious gallery space, and open by appointment. At the Studio you will find Beth's original paintings, prints, outdoor art, tables, accent pillows, coasters, wallpaper borders, note cards and holiday cards.? Beth grew up in Rhode Island, where she was always painting and drawing as a child. She majored in Art in college and received her B.A. from Bethany College. She continued her education taking graduate level classes specifically in painting at the University of South Carolina, and the University of West Virginia. In 2009, Beth was the featured Guest Artist in Phoenix Home & Garden Magazine. She has also been published in Southwest Art, and many local publications. She is active in the community, donating time and artwork throughout the year to many local charities. Her work hangs in Scottsdale Healthcare Thompson Peak Hospital, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Casa Sol y Mar, Del Mar, California, and several country clubs. Beth is a member of the Sonoran Arts League, The Art Alliance of the White Mountains, The High Country Art Association, and The Terravita Art League. Beth Zink Studio 33444 N 55th St Cave Creek, AZ 85331 480-980-3848 cell 480-538-5428 studio
Beth's Image Studio
Beth Hyatt
"HIDDEN IN THE HILLS 2014" Beth will be at Studio 10. Since moving in 2002 to her current residence in Arizona. Beth has been reapplying herself to art and expanding the skills from her drawing foundation. Her portraits have led to winning awards, featured articles, interviews, as well as achieving a Juried artist status. She was the cover artist in 2010 for the "Hidden in the Hills" Studio Tour Directory. Beth has also been featured in advertisements for the "Arizona Fine Art Expo". She has a full-page article in the up coming "Jetset magazine". Beth has enjoyed watching her talents and passions converge into her multi-dimensional artistic career. Always carrying her camera with her wherever she goes, she continually seeks to capture the silent, universal language that surrounds her. From her simple affection for animals to her detailed observation of life, action, reaction, and environment, Beth has developed a mastery of reflecting expression. It's often been said that she conveys as much emotion in her animal portraits as she does in human faces. She will be in the "Arizona Fine Art Expo" on Jomax & Scottsdale Rd. from January 16, 2015 through March 29, 2015. Her studio "Beth's Image Studio," is open by appointment only. Please call in advance, as she would be delighted to discuss the process and stories of her art.
Blue Amazon Ranch & Studio
Listed in: oil, acrylic, batik, ceramic, ink
Born in the Netherlands,she expressed herself in Art at a very young age and attended the Royal academy of Art in The Hague in the sixties . Micky lived in the South of France for a few years before moving to Arizona in 1979 She has studied and painted with artist in Europe and the U.S. Micky has shown her work internationally Her paintings can be found in private collections throughout Europe and the USA . Her work has been strongly influenced by Franz Marc,Paul Klee,Kandinsky ,Picasso,here passion for horses and the natural world. In much of Jansen's work the feminine human body is central,yet skillfully intertwined with nature and the synergy of the Universe. The Aura of her work may have been born during Micky's "Rebirth " on the Mogollon Rim in Arizona where's he lived for two years in almost total isolation with her beloved horses and dogs. A two year meditation,she says. In this natural paradise with its natural challenges, Micky transitioned from her life as a full time wife and mother of four into a independent, self assured Artist she is today. The energy and emotions of the different in her life can be felt through her Art. The underlying theme of her art is Clear! It is a celebration of the beauty of life and living, of the interconnectedness of it all. She has found her home and studio "Blue Amazon Studio " in the Rio Verde Foothills and has her studio open by appointment
Brook Art Studio
Mel & Carol Brook
Listed in: acrylic, leather
Bryson Bost Fine Art
Bryson Bost
Born in Santa Monica, California 1982. He received guidance at the Instituto Allende in Guanajuato, Mexico. Having been featured in galleries and public spaces, Bryson feels privileged that his paintings reside within homes and offices as far east as Hong Kong. Presently, Bost exhibits cyclically at the Art Spirit Gallery in Coeur d'Alene, ID and Gallery Kaleid in San Jose, CA.
Carol McDonald Fine Art
Carol McDonald
Contemporary Abstract Artist
Listed in: acrylic, oil, mixed media
Left brained, analytical business woman turned abstract artist? Who knew? Carol Peltzer McDonald has been an appreciator and collector of art for many years but never thought for a minute that there was an expressive energy of her own waiting to emerge. As her career began to wind down and she begin thinking of retirement, her very wise husband gave her the ultimate Christmas gift of an easel, paint and canvas, and encouraging words for her to tap into that creative gift she never had time to explore. Once she started, she never stopped. Her desire to learn and grow as an artist is ongoing, exploring various mediums, styles and techniques with a multitude of talented artists and classes to guide her way. Every day is truly a new adventure! Each new blank canvas is a mystery waiting to be explored. Her only regret is that she didn't begin much sooner. Carol is open and willing to let this path unwind as it should and to enjoy every minute of it.
Carole Hubiak
Carole Hubiak
For over 40 years as a Nurse Anesthetist I spent more time in the operating room than outside of it. The tremendous responsibility and intense focus required by my career had me craving color, texture and an escape route for creativity. Throughout the years I studied design, sewed my own clothes and created paper art. However, not until I retired in 2018, did the desire to paint consume me. Emboldened and encouraged by the professional artists? workshops I attended over the past year, I now paint full time, allowing my spirit to shine and express itself.
Casey Cheuvront
Casey Cheuvront
My favorite shoes are hiking boots. For years I explored the wildernesses of the Southwest, hiking, backpacking, hang gliding and mountain biking. This has profoundly influenced my work. I believe we are incomplete without a connection to, and appreciation of, the natural world. I create impressionist realism paintings of landscapes and wildlife in oils, so that my collectors can share that spiritual relationship, and to sustain a deeper respect for our vanishing wild places and the creatures that call them home. Casey studied drawing, painting, and ceramics at CSUF California, and has been influenced by current artists like Bill Cramer, Stanley Kurth, and Camille Przewodek. She completed a professional internship with Ken Willingham at his studio and gallery in June Lake, California. Casey took every available art course while completing her degree in Psychology. Worn out after years of treating abused children and perpetrators, she returned to the business world but never stopped creating; ceramics, line drawing, painting, jewelry making and other creative venues. Today she devotes herself exclusively to creating, teaching, and studying the arts. Casey's paintings are deeply informed by her life-long appreciation of the natural world, established through a "feet-on-the trail" connection over many years. Her outdoor education began when she was very young. She would accompany her father on fishing, hiking, bow-hunting, and archery exhibitions and shoots in the Midwest. Nowadays her pieces showcase an ongoing fascination with the ever-changing Western and Southwestern wildernesses she has traversed for so many years, whether reflected in a patch of park near town or a remote lake only reachable by a long backpack. Her enthusiasm is translated into a vibrant, modern palette and energetic, dynamic brushwork. Look for works showcasing the Yosemite highlands, Sonoran desert, and the red rocks of Sedona. For additional information in interview format: For a short video about Casey: Casey's YouTube channel with additional videos of her works: Starts 5/13/2020: Creative Connections Group Art Auction to benefit the Sonoran Arts League: Member Organizations etc.: Oil Painters of America (Juried Member) Arizona Art Alliance (Juried Member) Arizona Plein Air Painters Sonoran Art League Grumbacher Certified Teaching Artist Grumbacher Artist Ambassador Guest Instructor, Arizona Art Supply Art/Slope October 2019 Postcard Perspectives: Artspace 2019 Prescott Plein Air Festival, September 30 - October 4, 2020 Sedona Arts Center Annual Plein Air Festival, October 24 - 31, 2020 Sedona Arts Center 40th Annual Juried Members Exhibition, March 6 - 29, 2020 It's Art for Land's Sake Annual Show and Sale March 6 - 31, 2020 6" Squared Show: Randy Higbee Gallery, Costa Mesa, CA. January - March 2020 OPA Great Annual Paint-out Host/Sedona Arts Center November 16, 2019 Mountain Oyster Club 50th Annual Art Show, Tucson, AZ, November 22, 23, 24th, 2019 Featured Artist, 2019: Tucson Museum of Art and Historic Block Art for Land's Sake 2nd Place 2019 Desert Ridge Plein Air Festival Best in Show 2019 WHAM West Gallery 2019 Bold Brush Fav 15% 2019 Arizona Plein Air Painters Members Only Exhibition (Scottsdale Artists School) 2019 Sedona Arts Center Plein Air Event, L'auberge de Sedona, Judges Merit Award 2019 Taliesin West Desert Light: Juried Exhibition 2018 Art for Land's Sake Juried Exhibition: Honorable Mention 2017 The Holland Center Galleries 2016 Hidden in The Hill Studio Tour 2015, 2016 El Pedregal Gallery 2016 Senior Instructor, Vino and Canvas
Charlene Stant Engel
Charlene S. Engel
Charlene Engel lives and works in Gilbert, Arizona, Her work shows her fascination with the Sonoran Desert landscapes of central and southern Arizona. Always interested in trees, she focuses on Arizona's mesquites and paloverdes. Their convoluted twists and turns suggest all sorts of gestures, emotions and surrealistic relationships. She isolates the trees from their landscape, abstracting and simplifying to emphasize and dramatize the stories they tell. She works mostly in graphite and colored pencil on paper but also makes large acrylic and graphite works on canvas. Engel has shown widely around the United States and abroad. In Arizona her work has been seen at Sky Harbor Airport, The Herberger Theater, and First Studio in Phoenix; at Taliesin West, the Scottsdale Artists School and the Holland Gallery in Scottsdale, at All Art Arizona at Art Intersection and at the Gilbert Historical Museum in Gilbert, at Vision Gallery and the Chandler Center for the Arts in Chandler, and at ASU Gammage in Tempe. Her work has also appeared in shows at the SAWG Gallery in Williams Center in Tucson. She is a Signature member and former Board member of SAWG, and is a member of GVAL, AAG, AAA, AWA and Art Intersection. She did graduate work in studio art and received an MA in Architectural History and a Ph.D. in Art History from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She has taught, published and lectured widely.
Charles Berry Fine Art
Mr. Chuck Berry
Listed in: oil, acrylic, pen & ink
Artist?s Bio and Statement Genres of my painting are Native American, African wildlife and tranquil landscapes. My recent interest in Native American art has been a long time in coming. My maternal Great Grandmother was from a Cherokee Indian tribe in Oklahoma. I have always been interested in Native American culture, but had taken no action in the realm of painting. There are so many fine artists pursuing this theme that I believed there just wasn?t room for one more. I believe I was wrong in that assumption now. Anytime an artist?s interpretation can be enlightening, it will always be welcomed by society. Hope you enjoy my paintings as much as I did in creating them and think about how our Native American Brothers and Sisters lived in harmony with Mother Earth for thousands of years. Their Belief that our Creator was alive in everything that surrounds us. By taking just what you Need?. there will be abundance forever. Through my vivid, graceful paintings I try to reveal my deep appreciation of natural beauty. I've always had an affinity for nature. We are endowed as the protectors of this paradise in which we live. Hopefully I can help people become more aware of that through my art. Eye-catching and conscious raising my paintings range from impressionistic landscapes to faithful depictions of exotic animals in the wild. Painting in a variety of media, oils are my first love due to their brilliance of color. My paintings capture a rare sense of immediacy and intimacy. I try to draw the viewer right inside the painting and make them feel as though they are actually there. An avid traveler since college, I am in a constant state of motion which has fueled my art. I've experienced many things in my travels from touring the great museums of Europe to petting Dolphin from our sailboat where we lived for a year in the Caribbean. All of the observances have been food and education for painting. Much of the credit however belongs to my wife Cheryl I will admit. Without her enthusiastic support I couldn't have succeeded. Many of my paintings have been in print by major publishers such as Bruce Mcgaw, Bentley House publishing and others. I recently produced 62 paintings for Villas at the Grand Del Mar in San Diego, CA. Galleries include: Loren Sieman Fine Art and Slaymaker Fine Art located in Chicago, IL. Think Fine Art and the Art Department in Scottsdale Arizona also represents my work. I have been represented in the Art Expo national shows since 1996. ?There is pleasure in the pathless woods, There is a rapture on the lonely shore, There is society where none intrudes. By the Sea and music with its roar, I love not man the less, but nature more?? Lord Byron
Chauncie D Kucera Fine Art
Chauncie Kucera
Listed in: acrylic
Chauncie is native Montana artist that has been influenced by the sights and sounds of nature. She attended Montana State University taking various art classes then moved to the Phoenix area over three decades ago. She co-owned and worked for seven years at her Decorative Finish and Wall Art business as well as receiving personal art coaching from her professional artist mentor and best friend. Chauncie has been captivated by the South West's unique offerings of nature, as well as its distinct light, shadow, movement and color there. Chauncie finds and photographs her subject matter, then weaves her own design while interjecting her colorful interpretation. She wants to portray that our desert is truly a beautiful place, full of grandeur, alive with it's song of life and color, and it sings to us beyond or normal capacity to see only what is in front of us.
Cheri Reckers & Michael Ceschiat
Cheri Reckers
Master Silk Painter (Cheri) & Ceramic Sculptor (Michael)
"My current paintings are inspired by patterns in nature. I have an irresistible attraction to colors, spots and stripes on flowers, bugs and plants and I'm fascinated by their life cycles and their role in the environment.? Cheri Reckers earned her BFA with honors from the Columbus College of Art & Design and has been a professional silk painter for over 29 years. Cheri's paintings are often inspired by patterns in nature, especially from the flowers, bugs, plants and animals (including dogs) in her garden. She uses a "free-style" silk painting technique to produce most of her work (purely painting and free from resists). Her award-winning silk paintings and wearable art have been exhibited nationally and internationally and have appeared in numerous publications. Cheri has been honored with the Master Silk Painter designation from Silk Painters International.
Cher's Creations
Mrs. Cher Anderson
Fax: 480-255-4064
Cher Anderson is a wildlife artist and photographer with a passion for nature, texture, and color. Cher was born in New York, raised in Mexico City and has resided in Arizona since 1990. A professional graphic designer by trade for 25 years is now enjoying travelling around the world photographing wildlife and collecting unique components to design her new line of jewelry. Cher begun her journey as a fine artist in 1980 and her art has evolved into extreme photo-realistic images that entail the finest detailed brushwork. Hundreds of hours are needed to accomplish the finished representations that she paints today. A painting begins with a subject, which she photographs in its element by going to habitats throughout the world. Once back in her studio, she determines the best image to work from taking into consideration lighting, background and the general feeling the image conveys. Once a detailed sketch is produced the work begins that sometimes takes months to finalize. Always trying to learn new techniques and methods, she studies the masters and applies bits and pieces of knowledge to make sure every new painting is better and more precise than the one before. Mainly working in watercolors, gouache and acrylics she brings her subjects to life and all the while remembers the moment when she looked into the animal?s eyes and met him for the first time trying to portray the story of the occasion. During the past 20 years, Cher has experienced first hand the beauty of nature in all ecosystems throughout the world. Passionate about animals and intrigued by their behavior she describes it to be the equivalent of a surge of adrenaline felt by a thrill seeker. Getting that one photograph that is absolutely perfect is the most rewarding of all. During the last couple of decades, Cher has not only developed her artistic technique and ability but her sense of composition and knowledge of lighting which has lead to taking amazing photographs. While traveling, she may be in a helicopter shooting unbelievable scenery in Hawaii or on a platform photographing hungry grizzly bears fishing for salmon in Alaska, in the end she has collected tens of thousands of images that will be brought together for a very unique exhibition. Output in large format glossy, vibrant images will line the beautiful ?Venue? in Scottsdale, Arizona. Taking her photography in yet another direction, she has created a series of fine art images in her studio, which embody the beauty of the female figure. Each image has a theme and the composition is created with perfect lighting, props, and imagination. Almost as if painting on a canvas, these images come to life with the help of an exceptional make-up stylist and lighting professional to have the final image as unique as a painting. Approximately 8 years ago, Cher began experimenting with texture, color and shapes in three-dimensional form. Utilizing the beauty of natural elements such as semi-precious stones, shells, rocks, wood, fossils, bone, meteorite, minerals, pearls, and other components such as Swarovski? crystals, and beads from around the world, she creates a unique design for necklaces of which she only produces one. During her travels she will seek out local artisans, glassmakers, and other talented individuals to purchase the highest quality pendants, which represent the best of it?s the city has to offer in handcrafted art. Once she returns to her studio she will use each piece as the center to her design keeping in mind the theme ?Mother Nature? and proceeds to produce a necklace that will be unique. Each one is built with .925 sterling silver and each component, sometimes over 50 different ones, are designed into a symphony of color, sparkle, and composition. Her necklaces have sold to collectors all over the USA, Canada, and Mexico and as far as Australia, China and Malaysia. Presently, Cher lives in Chandler, Arizona with her husband John and their menagerie of animals. On their beautiful ranch they raise giraffes, zebras, and Andalusian horses. They have traveled extensively, visiting Alaska, India, Italy, Spain, France, Poland, Nepal, Turkey, Greece and many other beautiful and exotic places that have inspired her and filled her heart. With her camera in-hand, she seeks out all nature and wildlife to photograph and challenge her into new creations. Throughout time, Cher has joined Wildlife Preservation organizations and is taking every opportunity to observe nature in its magnificence.
Colleen O'Hara
Ms. Colleen O'Hara
Award winning freelance artist, working in watercolor, acrylic, clay and mixed media. My art is in private collections in the US and Europe. My mixed media piece entitled "September 11th" is featured on the cover of the book "Narrating 9/11, Fantasies of State, Security, and Terrorism", edited by John N. Duvall and Robert P. Marzec. I am an RN by profession and an artist at heart.
Colleen Rock
Colleen Rock
The art work of artist C. Rock. All art is for sale of original piece or limited edition prints. Custom orders ok!
Contemporary Cowboy
Michael Swearngin
Listed in: acrylic, mixed media
Michael Swearngin?s interest in the American Cowboy began at a young age. Michael was born in Olathe, Kansas in 1959 and in his youth his grandfather taught him the heritage of the cattleman and rancher. Michael?s family moved overseas for six years where his father and mother traveled throughout Europe. There his interest in painting began. Moving to San Antonio, Texas in 1973, Michael began his art career. Spending sixteen years there influenced him to develop the rich colors and textures in his contemporary style of painting. Michael now resides in Scottsdale Arizona. Combining his interest in contemporary art with the fading heritage of the American Cowboy, he expresses these experiences to others through his art. Michael?s fluid acrylic paintings create unique imagery inspired by the rugged spirit so vividly seen in the west. Michael gives thanks to God for his many gifts and faith; to the cowboys, friends, and family ? especially his grandfather, Lowell, and father, Charles Swearngin. They have supported his art career and taught him to keep the heritage of the West alive through his Contemporary cowboy paintings.
Jeff Williams
Darbyshire Pottery
Listed in: ceramic, acrylic
David paul venell studios
Mr David Venell
Listed in: bronze, acrylic
Sculptor in bronze and jewelry designer and painter. Self taught artist with emphasis in military themed bronzes and structural and contemporary designs in jewelry. And my paintings are primarily focused on expressions of interest that capture my imagination, in between the my 3D art.
Dennis Desprois Art
Mr. Dennis Desprois
Listed in: acrylic, el Pedregal
S.F. Giants Dr. of Graphics & Photography 20 years. Chi. Cubs & Seattle Mariner spring training photographer. S.F.49ers/NFL photographer 30 years. retired artist 15 years
Dennis Kleidon
Mr. Dennis Kleidon
Listed in: acrylic
Dennis Kleidon, artist-designer Chicago-born artist Dennis Kleidon paints robust abstractions that explore the possibilities of paint in action, reveling in color in ways that appear at first to be intuitive, but soon reveal a sure sense of gesture ? at once invigorating and calming. Through decades of sailboat racing, Kleidon is influenced by the turbulence of water, the violence of the wind and the complexity of nature?s details, his paintings pair bold strokes with complex detail, where the paint smashes against itself to create a ?whitewater? of color. Dissonant, yet composed, the paintings display nuances that stretch the imagination and stoke the dreams of the viewer. Throughout a hugely successful career as a university professor and as the founder and owner of Kleidon & Associates, a marketing communications firm, Kleidon continued working as a fine artist, drawing on a surprisingly diverse background as a painter, sculptor, graphic designer, architectural illustrator and classically trained pianist. His fine art stretches across a similarly wide range of media from massive welded steel sculptures and photography to large figurative paintings, tightly controlled graphic paintings on film, and abstract paintings on canvas and paper. Complex grids, shades and shadows, and perspective (in both the technical and philosophical senses) lie behind many of Kleidon?s works, giving them visual depth and multiple levels of information. His recent work captures the live motion of the artist?s hand, layering spontaneity with control, and in that way, inspiring the viewer to see a fresh reality. In paintings that explore illusions of scale, perspective and color, these ?explosions of grace and power? create an unexpected visual wellness. Kleidon received a master?s degree in art in 1967 from Illinois State University, a bachelor?s degree in fine art from Illinois Wesleyan, studied architecture at the University of Illinois and taught at the University of Illinois and the University of Akron where he developed Designer Grids, a perspective drawing system for architects and designers. He is the founder of Kleidon and Associates ( Kleidon now divides his time between his studios in Phoenix, Arizona, and Akron, Ohio. Since 1964, Kleidon has exhibited his artwork in solo and joint shows in galleries, museums and juried exhibitions. The design work of Kleidon & Associates has aided its clients in the United States, Canada and Europe. His Designer Grids have been used by professional illustrators and designers around the world. His work can be seen at
Different Strokes
Katja Funke
Bon Stahlin
Art is an expression of the inward self ? to delight and be intrigued by participating in the experience of putting color on surfaces, experiencing the feel of texture and paint then to see the effort come into a cohesive presentation that excites the viewer ? and excites the self. During my artistic journey, I have experienced oils, watercolors, pastels, colored pencil and acrylics. I have also experimented with wood turning, pottery, jewelry making and photography. I am now concentrating on acrylic painting as I feel acrylics allow me to best express my creativity through the vibrant colors and versatility of the medium. I paint what I see around me in the Mountain West where I?ve grown up as a Colorado native, the Northern Sonoran Desert where I love to hike and observe the magnificent desert, and the sea where I frequently sail and snorkel and experience colorful fish and sailboats. I experiment with simplified shapes, intense colors, exaggerated perspectives with a few surprises sprinkled in.
Dragonfly Art Studio
Mrs. Valerie West
Listed in: acrylic, pen & ink
Valerie is a native Phoenician. She currently devides her time between Bainbridge Island, WA. and her winter home in Scottsdale AZ. Valerie's creative journey began as early as 5th grade when a teacher showcased her charcoal drawings at a parent teacher open house. She has had extensive exposure in the Art Doll World having been professionally represented at the New York Toy Fair with her fantasy art dolls. It was thirteen years ago when she and her husband began their "snowbird" journey. The art doll industry was slowing down and Valerie needed a more transportable hobby to fill her creative needs. Beading and jewelry making came first, followed closely by watercolors. To this day she considered watercolor to be a very satisfying and challenging medium. Valerie's most current passion is working in fluid acrylics. This medium has released Valerie from photo realism and has opened up her mind to somewhat abstract art. Art is a journey and she is loving the journey so far!
Ellen Nemetz Arts
Mrs. Ellen Nemetz
Listed in: acrylic, oil
Ellen Nemetz | 623 640 6713 | Ellen Nemetz is a contemporary artist based in Phoenix, Arizona. Nemetz studied Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Madison, Wisconsin. As a military wife, Nemetz traveled extensively until settling in Arizona. She studied art at the Maricopa County Community Colleges from which she has twice received the League of Innovation Award. Nemetz?s art has been exhibited widely in the southwest in solo and group shows including the Phoenix Sky Harbor Museum and a solo show at the Shemer Art Center and Museum. Nemetz is actively involved in the Arizona arts community. Nemetz is a former member of the eye lounge artist cooperative, the co-curator of the First Studio Gallery space, and an active member of several arts organizations. Her works are in public and private collections in Europe, New Zealand and throughout the United States.
Emily Cheang
Ms Emily Cheang
I'm an 8th grader at Sonoran Trails Middle School. I have studied art throughout my elementary school years, but haven't gotten serious about it until last year. I have won a few awards for my art, including the Jeff Cross Art Award in 6th grade. My art has been on display before at the Fine Art Center and the Desert Foothills Library.
Erica Black Studio
Erica Black
Erica Black
Erin Matlock Inc
Erin Matlock
Scottsdale based visual artist, Erin Matlock, is a globally recognized mental health activist and published poet who challenges the stigma of suicide through deeply personal accounts of survival and public recovery. She is an international and TEDx speaker currently exploring the translation of her viral poems to canvas. Fusing bold colors with sculptural text that rises far beyond the surface, Matlock triggers an emotional response; drawing viewers in close and inviting them to explore verse. Her works are studies on self worth, self acceptance and individuality. Breaking the order of color and further placing language at the center pointe, her paintings blend acrylics, spacial blueprints, recycled glass, crushed crystal, stencils, distressed texture and intricately mixed gel mediums.
Fallon Cooper Art
I am a second generation Arizonan. My artistic interests lie somewhere between my family's background in the horse industry, my interest in the dada, abstract, and traditional Mexican art forms, and my education in areas of both art and religious histories. I try to blend what I see in my daily life with what I feel and remember from those experiences.
Fine Art & Creative Environments ,LLC
Kristine Kollasch
Fax: 602-361-7991
Kristine Kollasch. Kristine has been creating art since kindergarten when her teacher told her mom she really had some promising art talent. Throughout grade school Kris hung out with a group of retired women at the local community center so she could participate in the arts and crafts as much as possible. She has been defined as a painter, a sculptor, and a ceramist, but no single word can describe this multi-faceted artist. Kristine works in many mediums, from steel, to clay and every color in-between. Her art reveals an eclectic blend of styles, techniques and mediums purposefully chosen to best express the art at hand. ?Artistic expression is therapeutic. I hear my own voice most clearly through paint, collage, texture and words hidden deep in the layers. Using primarily acrylic paints with my fine art, I frequently incorporate found objects such as tickets, fortunes, coins and keys to imply meaning or for simple sculptural value. My paintings explore the relationship between surface and depth, literal and metaphorical.? Kristine is a Valley Leadership Alumni, curator of First Studio?s Art Gallery Space in downtown Phoenix, and has donated her time and talents for nearly 20 years to work with the youth and serve on the Board of Free Arts for Abused Children of Arizona. She is a two-time Governors Arts? Awards nominee and recipient of the 2014 Phoenix Mayors Arts Award for her public art. From kindergarten to today, Kris is still doing what she loves ? making art! 602.361.7991 ?
glass river design
MS melissa paxton
owner artist
Fax: 2549470002
Listed in: glass, acrylic, oil, watercolor
Hank Keneally Fine Art
Hank Keneally
About Hank Keneally From the time he was a youngster, Hank Keneally had a recurring dream - that he would live in three countries, each for a third of his life. In his aesthetic realm, his dream has come true. Along the course of his life's journey that includes years of study and accomplishment in the worlds of music, photography and painting, Hank has added digital imagery to his palette of skills to create a visual fusion of disciplines that is uniquely his. Calling upon such diverse influences as Mozart, Mahler and Edward Weston, Keneally creates a world of light, pattern and organic form that is wholly original, at once challenging to the imagination and nourishing to the eye. ~ Michael Johnson
The Haring House
mrs Nicole and Sam Haring
Two individuals united through creation of life and art. We both work with an array of mediums and subject matters. Offering the world a sneak peek into our minds. Sam has worked in metal sculpture and embossments along with being trained in traditional methods as well. Nicole works as an illustrator through a variety of mediums producing works for publications world wide along with commission pieces and a specialty in portraits. She was trained in NYC at the School of Visual Arts in printmaking and illustration. We both combine our knowledge and ways through mixed methods from painting to murals.
Harmon Studios
Jonathan & Julia Harmon
Jon has done paintings and drawings in oil, acrylic, watercolor and ink. He uses computer modeling to explore forms that are later realized in physical media. He has done sculptures from tiny to medium size, jewelry to fanciful fantasy figures and geometric forms. The larger ones have been done in wood and in bronze, and the "sculptural pendants" in bronze, silver and glass. His work is available for view by appointment. For the future, he plans to continue to explore new techniques and forms, and to extend the library of items in lines of work already accomplished, especially the fantasy bronzes. Those pieces are fun and thought provoking, but also carry an element of metaphor for environmental and social concerns. Julia has taught jewelry classes throughout the Valley, has her jewelry in the E. L. Blumenschein gift shop in Taos, and is currently working with the new Artisans Creative Exchange, a new group of Valley jewelry makers. She does most of her work in her home studio, sells at Hidden in the Hills and a few other shows, and accepts appointments during other times. She mostly does ancient wirework techniques like chain mail, but most notably Viking chain work. She believes that this life is too short for department store jewelry. For the past 6 years, we have joined as a team to create jewelry with a different focus. Jon's sculptural pendants hang from Julia's wirework chains. Sometimes gemstones are incorporated into the pendants, and sometimes beads into the chains. We both are currently members of the Sonoran Arts League, and the Artisans Creative Exchange. We both have taught the A.C.E. group various techniques, and enjoy providing playtime' at our studio. Currently, our shared work is being shown at On The Edge Gallery in downtown Scottsdale. Julia's other wire jewelry and Jon's fine detail Ink and mixed media paintings are also on display there.
Imaj Art by Jami, LLC
Jami Goldman
Listed in: glass, oil, acrylic
My artistic career path started when I moved to Arizona in February 2008. I had always been interested in painting and began taking a class through the Scottsdale Parks and Recreation Dept. in March of that year. I continue to enjoy painting and use photos I have taken throughout the years as my inspiration. I have expanded the types and locations of classes I have taken throughout the years to provide additional learning opportunities for me as an artist. In early 2018 I took a fused glass workshop to learn how to make a bead for a necklace. I enjoyed the class, but discovered that bead making was not for me. I did decide to sign up for the six week fused glass class at the studio and I have been creating unique mosaic, string and lined glass plates, trays and hanging art ever since. I continue to paint, and always had wanted to start selling my art and it became a reality starting with my fused glass pieces. I stopped working full-time in April 2019 to focus on creating an art career and business, knowing that I wanted to focus on selling my art at festivals throughout the state. I love spending time being creative, cutting and manipulating glass to create colorful, unique and individual pieces of art. As a new artist it is my hope to continue to be accepted into art festivals and share my creations with others.
Inconsistently Inconsistent
Ms. Barbi Niblick
Listed in: acrylic, oil, mixed media
As an artist, Barbi?s goal is to capture the sense of tranquility in the midst of chaos, and interpret the beauty yet left in this entropic world. Her journey in art began as an exploration of self in an effort to translate feelings that she could not communicate in words. It was a tumultuous, often dark time in her life and her work was dominated with deep reds, black, and heavy, rough texture. As her journey into self-realization continued, mindfulness and positivity became a focus for her. This became evident in her work as it evolved out of deeply emotional hues and moved into a place dripping with bright and vibrant color. Though her love for texture never waned, the way she used it shifted and became less aggressive. As she fell further in love with painting, she decided that she could no longer limit her learning to experimentation, and hired a tutor to teach her the fundamentals of color theory and composition. During her first year of lessons, she grasped new concepts quickly which allowed for an explosion of growth in her work. As she began to learn the language of art, she became more confident in speaking it as well. Over time Barbi?s goals have changed, and her work has matured from that experimental phase of trying to make a pretty picture, to a solid foundation that allowed her to use her art to translate the world around her. Barbi has produced multiple series that illustrate the efforts to explore her purpose. She always knew she wanted to create beauty, but it became important to her to create meaning as well. It wasn't until she was confident enough to speak her authentic feelings about the work she created, that she was able to truly understand what she was creating and why. By allowing her thoughts to flow freely and expand outside of conventional, constructive thought governed by fear of criticism, she connected with her own work in a way she never had before. With renewed sense of purpose, Barbi now endeavors to create her work in a way that is reflective of the human condition and of her vision of the contemporary world.
Jan Griggs Fine Art
Jan Griggs
Listed in: acrylic, mixed media
Painting is my passion! My work is a collection of places, feelings of color, light and dark, movement and stillness that I translate into non-representational abstracts. Each work is intuitive allowing the viewer to engage imagination, interpreting and reacting to what they see. A successful work is one that forms a connection, evoking an emotion that impacts and stays with the person viewing my art.
Jane Boggs Studio - Gallery
Jane Boggs
HIDDEN IN THE HILLS - STUDIO 27 Jane has been a working Gourd Artist for 20 years. Her large "Avatar" mask was selected to be the cover art for HITH in 2013. She and five, very talented, other artists will be available at her Studio/Gallery during this years HITH 2014. See page 106 in the HITH Directory. Jane's work will also be displayed at the Hidden In The Hills Showcase 2014 at the Desert Foothills Library from Oct. 3rd to Dec. 5th, 2014. Janes' designs are all one-of-a-kind and all reflect her love and appreciation of nature. Each piece is developed with a drawing done on the gourd. Most designs are then carved, painted and embellished which creates their own original look and to compliment the organic surface of the gourd. The unusual contours add to the interesting designs of the sculpture figures and masks that are her personal favorites. She also adds clay to some of her figure pieces for an even more realistic life form.. Jane also enjoys teaching at her home studio in the beautiful Sonoran desert. Classes are posted on her website or schedule your own private group class. She will be showing her work at the AZ Fine Art Expo 2015 in Scottsdale and can be seen in her Studio/Gallery most days. Stop by for an enjoyable and interesting art experience
JHW Studios
Mrs Jenniann West
Born in Des Plains Illinois in 1970 she moved to Arizona at the age of 2 and has lived in Maricopa since 2014. Although she?s always considered herself a creative and artsy person, she had no real desire to pursue art as a hobby or profession. That all changed in 1989 after suffering a serious car accident in which she had some convalescent time to occupy. she owned a horse and wanted to try drawing him, so she acquired some pencils and started drawing? discovering that she had a degree of talent for the medium. She then began expanding her subject matter to include flowers and other items and then explored drawing people. She again lost interest in art for a time as her career as a Paramedic progressed forward until fate once again stepped in and she was diagnosed with Cancer in 2000. She started art therapy as part of her coping method during her treatments and began to explore more artistic forms and became fascinated with abstract art. She began experimenting with oil paints and pastels creating works that included animals, people and things found in nature. This evolved into her study of oil paintings and her discovery of artists that were inspirational figures to her such as Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh and Kazimir Melevich This was the point at which her art obsession really took off and she explored the options of doing it professionally. She began sculpting and dabbled in mixed media as well as acrylics and discovered that old school oils were her favorite medium and easiest for her to work with. She continued to discover inspirational artists such as Willem De Kooning that really had an impact on her and most recently Thomas Kinkade. She is always looking for new ways to expand her artistic abilities and hone the skills that she has already developed and hope you enjoy her creations and expression as much as she enjoys doing them.
Joan Milman, Artist
Joan Milman
When presenting Joan's creations, the word "interpreter" immediately comes to mind. It means, "performing according to ones artistic conceptions" and Joan has been an innovative interpretive creator her entire life. When designing and creating her unique jewelry, her ability to combine an eclectic grouping of unique and mundane objects of interesting materials, textures, shapes and colors so as to redefine them and turn them into something they never thought they could be . . . objects of rare beauty, originality and expressions of joy. As an accomplished visual artist Joan works within a multiplicity of media including oils, watercolors, acrylics, pen and ink, pastel and charcoal, once again creating unexpected, exciting, wonderfully intriguing visions. When a viewer asked Joan what one of her paintings meant, her response was,"it means whatever you want it to mean", thereby clearly defining her objective when creating her works to attract the viewer's eye and stimulate and engage the thought process. Joan Milman extraordinary artist exciting creator uniquely imaginative and explorer of unlimited possibilities.
Joanne L Gallery Fine Art
Ms. Joanne Gallery
Listed in: acrylic
Joanne creates artistic images that bring brightness, joy and fun into the world. She enjoys experimenting with color, textures and paint. She wants to surprise the viewer and take them on a visual journey. To begin, she draws out the image. From there, she decides on the main color of the object based on where it takes her imagination. She uses acrylic paint, ink and water within each section of the drawing. It is a pouring technique that she has developed over many years, and has mastered. The water goes down first then ink and acrylic are added. With a paint brush she guides the paint to where she wants it to go. She picks up the canvas and tilts it in many directions until she is satisfied with the direction and she lays in down horizontally too dry. Each section is done this way. Lastly she paints the focal point and the background. Presently, she is painting animals, landscapes and tarot cards. When she stated painting she was creating flowers and images of the ocean because she was living in New Zealand. Since she had been living in the Arizona desert for so long, moving to New Zealand changed her perspective and added a whole new color spectrum to her life. Now while working on tarot cards she is learning about symbolism and the meaning of different subjects and objects. Because of the tarot cards she is combining all that she has learned as a professional artist through the years.
John Gates
Mr. John Gates
With a BFA in Fine Art, emphasis in watercolor, and over thirty years of experience, Mr. Gates has woven aspects of his eclectic careers in education, the US Air Force, and the Intelligence Community into his artwork. He often paints with watercolor in a style reminiscent of mosaics or stained glass. He does this to present the idea that, like those works made from broken pieces of clay or glass, even if a person is broken by loss or tragedy, he or she can, with hard work and support, be ?put back together? into something beautiful.
Jordan Fillers Custom Art
Mr. Jordan Fillers
Jordan Fillers earned a Bachelor of the Arts degree from San Francisco State University with a dual emphasis in painting and photography. He has been painting large scale abstract and surrealistic art for over 20 years and his work is defined by bright colors and strong bold strokes. Jordan proves himself in his diversity of subject matter and a subtle hint of graffiti that shines through in his work. He has studied oil and acrylic, and is one of a few artist who still uses the airbrush to bring soft shading and dynamic edges to his work. Jordan spent the majority of his time showing in galleries in San Francisco and Los Angels , but has recently relocated to the Arizona desert where he pursues his love of influencing the world around him with beautiful and dynamic studies in the visual medium of painting.
Joxendale Studio
Jan Oxendale
Listed in: oil, acrylic
Jan's love of drawing was started as a child. During that time her love for nature developed through the many camping trips she took with family in the forrested land of Minnesota. She is drawn to the vast subject matter that nature provides. Since childhood she has traveled through many regions of the United States and found a new home in Arizona where trails and mountains abound. She continues to travel, gathering beautiful subject matter during each trip. Jan has taken many workshops and classes since young adulthood. She's attended classes in classical art at the Atelier in Minneapolis and Scottsdale Artist's School. She taught art in pulic education. She believes art is a lifelong learning process and continues to study the painting process through various sources.
Judith Visker Art
Judith Visker
Listed in: acrylic, mixed media, oil
Artist, Judith Visker is a painter focusing on geometric imagery which contains structures and patterns developed over her years of experimental work with art materials. Brightly colored, her work demonstrates the love she as for imaginative shapes, spaces and subjects. As a professional nurse, Judith changed directions in her adult years, studied art and left college with a M.A. in studio art, influenced by the work of her cousin Robert Rauschenburg. Judith's work can be seen in public buildings and private homes in areas near her Arizona and Minnesota homes. She is juried into competitions and has won awards. She is driven by a passion to develope her style as far as her vision and capability allows, creating work that will be interesting and exciting to the viewer.
Julie Simcox
Ms Julie Simcox
Listed in: acrylic, mixed media
My art is a representation of a free style of expression. I favor bright bold colors creating dynamic abstracts by blending acrylics to create textures and shades that bring life to my modern contemporary paintings.
Karen Leeds Ltd.
Karen Leeds
Working Artist
ARTIST, KAREN LEEDS is a painter, focusing primarily on vivid abstract imagery to convey complex emotions and feelings. Her mediums include acrylic, oil pastel, and dyes on silk. The Phoenix Sheraton includes one of Karen's silks as part of their prestigious permanent collection. In 2008, Karen's work was on display in Kansas City as part of a citywide celebration and recognition of Contemporary Women in the Arts. The Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art featured Karen's studio as part of their 2006 Working Artist's Studio Tour. Karen has received many honors, been part of numerous exhibitions, and has patrons throughout the United States and Canada. Her "Art, Courage & Creativity" workshops have attracted hundreds of attendees and her passion for how the expressive arts, neuropsychology, spirituality and social awareness interrelate continue to drive extensive personal research in these dynamic fields of study.
Katalin Ehling Studio
Professional artist since 1970. For decades, concentrated on producing batiks on cotton and on paper. Moved into abstract acrylic mixed media/collage. At the end of 2014, started encaustic monotype works. Book on Amazon: WAXING LIFE by Katalin Olah Ehling. A brief memoir of life as an artist.
Kathy Q Parks
Kathy Q. Parks
Listed in: acrylic, fiber art, bronze
Kelly Mattes Art
Kelly Mattes
Painter, Animal Portrait and Muralist
Listed in: acrylic, oil, watercolor
Kelly Mattes is a long time local resident that has a deep love of animals and their natural habitats. His work dots the state of Arizona in the form of large outdoor murals and fine paintings. In addition, Kelly will paint by commission, a wonderful portrait of your favorite pet or animal compadre.
Mr. Ken Moore
Listed in: watercolor, acrylic, oil
As an Arizona Snowbird, I spend my summers in New Hampshire. I have been painting, mainly in watercolors for over 30 years. I make my own frames and use wood burning techniques to decorate my frames with Southwest scenes and designs. Most of my landscapes are from the Cave Creek and Carefree area.
Kim Walker Art
Mrs. Kim Walker
Listed in: acrylic, mixed media
Kim Walker Resume online at Websites: phone 602-550-1987
Kirby Plessas Art
Kirby Plessas
Kirby Plessas is originally from Montana, but throughout her career as an Army linguist and an intelligence analyst, she moved all over the country, finally, choosing to live in Cave Creek, Arizona. Feeling inspired by her surroundings, she has returned to her art and creates colorful and bold abstracts. She also runs a digital marketing agency focused on fine art and has an accompanying podcast: To get a peek at her current projects, visit her on instagram:
Kollasch Studio
Sheila Kollasch
Sheila Kollasch is a native of the Sonoran Desert and has been involved in the fine art community of Arizona her entire life. She told her kindergarten teacher that she would grow up to be an artist. Her teacher laughed at this little girl. Particularly encouraging, however, were her fifth grade, seventh grade and high school art teachers. Kollasch received many Scholastic Art Awards and a full four-year art scholarship to Arizona State University. Her earliest artistic epiphany occurred at the age of seven when she applied pink and green lines of oil paint to her mother?s black 1940 Dodge. The vivid contrast of colors still burns brightly as an inspiration in her memory. The subsequent whipping from her father is also well remembered. After dropping out of ASU to study with hand-picked teachers at various campuses of the Maricopa Community Colleges and the Scottsdale Artist?s School, she acquired what she felt was an excellent custom art education sans degree. Upon leaving ASU, Kollasch worked at the local art supply store, giving her the advantage to view famous local artists? personalities in action for a few years, while painting for her own exhibitions. She returned to school in the early 1990s to finish a Bachelor of Art degree with a minor in Museums Studies through Prescott College. Beginning in the mid-1970s Kollasch has shown in galleries, in competitions (receiving several awards) and group exhibitions including the Tucson Museum of Art and Mesa Southwest Museum, now known as the Arizona Museum of Natural History. She and artist Jim Eder collaborated on a two-person exhibition for the Arizona Commission on the Arts Traveling Exhibition program. The exhibition, Arizona Landscapes: Prints, Pastels and Paintings, was one of their most popular exhibitions enjoying bookings nationally during its three-year tour. Kollasch co-founded the Phoenix Artists Coalition in 1980 with artist Christine Dawson. PAC was a sometimes loose, sometimes tightly organized club founded to foster recognition of local artists. It provided regular meeting places to air creative ideas, nurture artistic growth and find peer support. She has participated in various community service roles as: artist-panelist for a City of Scottsdale Percent for the Arts Project; grants panelist for the Phoenix Arts Commission and Arizona Commission on the Arts; juror, speaker or demonstrator for many community art clubs and museum education programs throughout Arizona. In January 1991, Kollasch accepted a two-month contract to install art exhibitions at Desert Caballeros Western Museum in Wickenburg, Arizona. She was then offered the full-time curator position and stayed for ten years reveling in gaining experiences not usually available to most artists. She had her first solo museum exhibition entitled Desert Textures, The Art of Sheila Kollasch, at Mesa Southwest Museum in 2002. After working as the Registrar for the Phoenix Airport Museum Kollasch retired to pick up her painting career full time in 2018. Works by Kollasch can be found in the following public and corporate collections: Bank of Scottsdale, Central Arizona College, Century 21 Real Estate, First Interstate Bank of Arizona, McDonald?s Corporation, Arizona Museum of Natural History, Paradise Valley Community College, Phoenix Airport Museum, Scottsdale Memorial Hospital North and Valley National Bank of Arizona (now Chase).
Laughing Glass Studio
Carole Perry
A native of southern Oregon, Carole Perry has been creating functional and sculptural glass from her Laughing Glass Studio in Cave Creek for over 20 years. In 1990, Perry set aside a successful career in computers (IBM, Xerox, Alpha Micro) to pursue her passion for glass full time. "I ran after the executive brass ring for years before admitting it could never hold the same sparkle as the art glass I'd been collecting for almost as many years. My idols were Chihuly and Marquis rather than Iacocco or Watson." Today her Glass Tapestries ~ sculptural glass baskets with varied textures which evolved from a desire to help other overcome the dreaded "Do Not Touch" lessons of childhood ~ can be found in select glass galleries across the country, including PISMO Glass galleries in Colorado, Petri's Fine Art in Sausalito, Philabaum Gallery in Tucson and Kuivato in Sedona. Locally she has served on the boards of the Desert Foothills Land Trust, Sonoran Arts League, Cave Creek Film & Arts Festival and Arizona Glass Alliance. She became a Spur Cross Ranch activist in 1994, and co-founded the Foothills Empty Bowls Project in 2001. "I've learned some simple rules first hand: the more you give, the more you get. When you lead with your heart, the universe supports you." Carole is a frequent guest speaker on the subject of the American Studio Glass Movement, and her studio is often filled with happy guests making glass bowls for the annual Empty Bowls Project held each October to benefit the Foothills Food Bank & Resource Center. She and her husband have been supporting two high school glass programs and managing a trash-free studio environment for over 15 years.
Lauri Koo Art
Lauri Koo
Listed in: acrylic, oil, photography
While growing up in the Midwest I had always loved coloring with crayons and markers and would curiously watch my mother enjoying her oil paint-by-numbers.  In grade school I entered a drawing into a local fair and won first place and then life happened and sent me into many directions. Just a few years ago I had this desire to paint and then my entire world opened up and have been learning, creating and exploring ever since. I also have a great love of taking photographs and it has been a wonderful marriage of painting and photography. Nature is my favorite subject and I become lost in the awe and beauty that surrounds me, especially here in the desert. There are so many places to experience the variety of the seasons in Arizona. I am so grateful to be able to fulfill my passion and love sharing all of the beauty of nature through my lens.  Commissions welcomed as my schedule permits. "Events/Shows" Hidden in the Hills Studio Tour 2020 - Studio 26 Robin's Nest Holland Center - Foothills Community Foundation/Feb-March 2020 Winter Showing: Nov. 2019-Feb. 2020 The Gallery at el Pedregal "New Member New Show" 2020 Sonoran Art League-Stagecoach Village "Hot Art/Cool Show" 2019 Desert Foothills Gallery "Emerging Artist's Show " 2019 Desert Foothills Gallery
Leo Posillico
Leo Posillico
Listed in: oil, acrylic
Born on Long Island, New York, Leo trained at the New York School of Visual Arts in illustration and cartooning. He served as an Army Photographer in Vietnam, then settled in Los Angeles pursuing a multi-faceted art career as an art director, illustrator, board game designer, album, book cover artist, and author. Was represented by Martin Lawrence Galleries in the United States and shown in various galleries in Japan. Currently doing mostly commissioned paintings and a few juried art shows and galleries each year.
Linda Lindus
Linda Lindus
When Linda first arrived in Arizona in the 1970?s, it was love at first sight - red rocks, texture and rough edges all around. The visual scenery of the Southwest was an immense change from the days of her youth, which began in the Pacific Northwest, the rocky shores of upper New England and congestion of Los Angeles. She had been painting since a young child, and yet the landscapes she discovered in Arizona became a dream for the artist. Her perception of landscape was challenged, awakening an inspiration and desire to create. The artist tried her hand at capturing the ever-changing light as it moved across the textures. Eager to learn more, Linda continued her art education taking numerous workshops, individual classes and also opened an art shop. Her work was received with awards and Best of Show acknowledgments. Later, the community college recruited her to teach oil painting and share her knowledge with hungry adults. ? As a business major and a single parent responsible for her daughters, the corporate life became her full time focus. After a climb up the corporate ladder, the business glamour dulled as her daughters? independence grew. With a new decade she decided it was time to explore her artistic talents. Reigniting her art career with great enthusiasm she is, again, a full time artist active in art associations and mentoring artists on business planning. She paints with brush and knife, enjoying the knife work and how it mimics the rough textures and boldness of her surroundings. Arizona?s magical, brilliant sunsets and Monsoon seasons are her fodder for abstracts and impressionist work as are the cities in which she lived. In order to ground herself she paints ?critters? where she captures their personalities in lieu of a ?just a pretty face? so each painting becomes an emotional investment much like her abstract and impressionist work. Art movements that have impressed her work over the years include Abstract Expressionism, Impressionism and Representational Abstract. Artists who have formed her work come from a broad cross section of genres such as Modigliani, Picasso, Georgia O?Keefe, and Eric Mack, to name but a few. Her most recent works have been selected for inclusion in juried Arizona exhibits and have been shown at the Shemer Center for the Arts and Museum, Sedona Arts Center, the Gallery at el Pedregal, Small Works Invitational and Artists in Arizona. Her 2020 Awards include her abstracted Spring Too (flowers,) and International acknowledgments with an honorable mention in ?Red Abstracts,? and as a finalist in ?Skies.? Linda continues to express her perceptions of landscapes and the details each unveils, with each canvas evoking emotional qualities that awaken us all to the magic that is uniquely revealed in paint. ?
Linda Peterson, art
Linda Peterson
artist/sole proprioter
Listed in: acrylic, wood, mixed media
After many years growing up in California and the West Coast, my final career was in nursing with a strong interest in the arts as a hobby. After retiring in 2010, I turned my hobby into a second career starting in Hawaii. Found a love of colorful acrylics and flora and fauna of the islands! Belonged to multiple galleries on the Big Island and Maui. Lost my husband many years ago and felt it was time to leave the isolation of Hawaii and move closer to family and activities. Two years ago I relocated to the Phoenix area as I was seeking city life again! I am still finding my way and have continued to enjoy painting since I have been here. I also learned to turn wood while in the islands and not only brought all of my equipment with me but joined the local woodturners club and am currently on the board of directors.
Lynn Bellino
mrs Lynn Bellino
Listed in: oil, watercolor, ink, acrylic
Lynn Bellino is painter from Paradise Valley AZ, she works in a very realistic manner painting all subjects placed in front of her. With her magical touch and dedication through time and diligence she produces works of art that are magical.
Mark Kemp Bayless - Artist
Mr. Mark Bayless
Visionary Creator
I have been creating art over the last 50 years in stained glass, acrylic on canvas paintings, watercolor and mixed medium paintings, sculpture (wood, stone and steel), and colored pencil. Currently on display in Tubac Center of the Arts Aqueous XXXIV exhibit.
Mary Barnett Art
Mary Barnett
Listed in: watercolor, acrylic
I was born in Amory, Mississippi and have lived my adult life in Colorado, Illinois and Arizona. Having graduated from the University of Missouri with a Bachelor of Science in Art Education, I have taught art at both the middle and high school levels. I am married to Gary, my high school sweetheart, and have spent most of my adult life as the wife of a College Football Head Coach. Our two children and six grandchildren are probably our greatest accomplishments.
Meg Harper Art
Meg received her BA in painting in 1988 in NY where she grew up. After 15 phenomenal years in the Phoenix ad biz Meg and her husband Tory started growing Meg Harper Art in Mesa, AZ. Her therapeutic images strengthen the ?feel good? we receive when we truly connect with the healing essence of nature and the animal kingdom. Over 1100 vibrant paintings are close-up and personal because connection at a deeper level is healing. Her award winning impressionistic western paintings are layers of unexpected acrylic colors, shapes, patterns and glazes. She heightens the experience again by incorporating reused materials (instead of canvas) reminding us how our choices affect the planet while simultaneously creating an excellent choice for environmentally conscious consumers like herself. Her collectors enjoy conversations about the subject matter and also inspire others to make better choices for our planet. Many of her pieces are even outside appropriate revolutionizing the outdoor art category. Her work is represented by The Native in Jackson Hole WY, Wow Gallery in Santa Fe, NM, Ian Russell Gallery in Prescott, AZ, and Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas, NV. See JOY more often by signing up for her monthly newsletter and purchase more of her work at Instagram: Facebook:
Meghana Belthur
Meghana Belthur
Melanie H. Frey Fine Art
Melanie H. Frey
Listed in: acrylic, oil
I find joy expressing creativity through painting and delight in painting from inspiration as well as commissioned work. The beautiful Sonoran Desert of Arizona is home and where my studio has been based for the past 18 years. I have, however, been creating art from my youth. I have developed a style I refer to as characterized realism. Many past moves and travel have inspired me to approach painting with anticipation and a desire to convey what I have found fascinating along the way. I actually find painting a journey in itself: the inspiration, subjects, and motivations are endless; from man's best friend to African herds; dusty old missions to windswept lighthouses; desert blossoms to beckoning still-life. I love capturing realistic moments with slight exaggerations and brighter colors. I am especially drawn to painting pets and animals. Family pets bring joy, happiness and companionship to so many of us. I'm honored to capture their uniqueness on canvas. I have benefitted from the artistic qualities of my Naval Aviator father who drew mascots and cartoon characters for his Navy Squadron while painting in his off time. I've benefitted from university art classes, independent schools and workshops with gifted instructors and have taught painting workshops. My paintings are in homes throughout the U.S. and abroad. "O Lord, how manifold are your works. In wisdom You have made them all; The earth is full of Your creatures." Psalm 104:24
mila + stevie
Kathleen Sabol
Listed in: jewelry, acrylic, ink
Wahid Nahle
International artist, Wahid Nahle, had his artistic debut in 1981 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Below are listed his individual exhibitions, collective exhibitions, acquititions, awards and the countries which have private collections containing his pieces. Individual Exhibitions 1986 The Art Store Gallery Pittsburgh, PA, USA 1993 Huntington House London, England 1994 The Bolick residents Las Vegas, NV, USA 1998 New Vision Gallery Marshfield, Wl, USA 1998 Euro Cafe Mesa, AZ, USA 1999 The Balthrop Residents Mesa, AZ, USA 2001 Shemer Art Center & Museum Phoenix, AZ, USA 2003 The Liguori Residence Scottsdale, AZ, USA 2003 Borders Books & Music Phoenix, AZ, USA 2006 Skinsational Carlsbad, CA, USA 2007 The Daily Grinder' Phoenix, AZ, USA 2007 Goodman's Interior Structure Phoenix, AZ, USA 2005 Octagon Cafe Fountain Hills, AZ, USA 2007 Hava Java Phoenix, AZ, USA 2007 Barrio Cafe Phoenix , AZ USA 2008 Tryst Art Gallery Chandler, AZ, USA 2008 Artist Art Studio Rabieyh, Lebanon 2009 Hava Java Phoenix, AZ, USA 2009 Gallery Piece Unique Beirut, Lebanon 2010 Artist Studio Beirut , Lebanon Collective Exhibitions 1991 "Salon D'autornne Grand-Palais" Paris, France. 1993 "Scottsdale Art Gallery" Scottsdale, AZ, USA 1993 "The 25th Annual Old Town Tempe Fall Festival of the Arts" Tempe, AZ, USA 1993 "J.R. Fine Arts Gallery" Scottsdale, AZ, USA 1994 "Tamarac Gallery" Sedona, AZ, USA 1994 "Museum of Church History Art 3rd Int'l Art Competition" Salt Lake City, UT, USA 1994 "University Castel" Germany. 1999 "New Vision Gallery" Marshfield, WI, USA. 2000 "Tan Gallery" Zurich, Switzerland. 2001 "New Vision Gallery" Marshfield, WI, USA. 2001 "L'Oliver" Geneva, Switzerland. 2001 "Sunday at the Shemer" Phoenix, AZ, USA. 2002 "Lost Dutchman Days" Apache Junction, AZ, USA. 2002 "An Affair with the Arts" West Valley Art Museum, Sun City, AZ, USA. 2002 "Art in Public'' Mural by the Nahle Family Dubai, UAE New 2002 "New Vision Gallery & Museum" Marshfield, WI, USA 2003 "New Vision Gallery & Museum" Marshfield, WI, USA 2003 "Al Boustan Festival'' Brumana, Lebanon 2003 "Mayo Clinic'' Scottsdale, AZ, USA. 2003 "Sunday at the Shemer'' Phoenix, AZ, USA 2004 "Desert Foothills Habitat Humanity Home Tours'' AZ, USA 2004 "New Vision Gallery & Museum" Marshfield, WI, USA 2004 "Sunday At Shemer" Phoenix, AZ, USA 2004 "Lost Dutchman Days" Apache Junction, AZ, USA 2004-2005 "Goldenstein Art Associates'' Art Gallery Sedona, AZ, USA. 2004-2005 "Xanadu Gallery" Scottsdale, AZ, USA 2005 "Arizona Fine Art Expo" Scottsdale, AZ, USA 2005 "Academy Arizona Arts Festival of Boulder Resort" Scottsdale, AZ, USA 2005 "Sonoran Festival of Fine Art" Sonoran Art League Carefree, AZ, USA. 2005 "Thunderbird Artists Saddle Mountain Fine Art Walk" Scottsdale, AZ, USA 2005 Nov. "Thunderbird Artists 12 Annual Carefree FA&W Fest." Carefree, AZ, USA 2005 "New Vision Gallery & Museum" Marshfield, WI, USA 2005 April "Thunderbird Artists 12 Annual Carefree FA&W Fest." Carefree, AZ, USA 2005 "6x6 Exhibition Eye Lounge Art Space" Phoenix, AZ, USA 2005 "Artists in the Garden'' Phoenix, AZ, USA 2006 "The Phoenix Antiques & Art Show'' Phoenix Art Museum Phoenix, AZ 2006 "Thunderbird Artists Fine Art & Chocolate Festival" Scottsdale, AZ, USA 2006 Nov. "Thunderbird Artists 13th Annual Carefree FA&W Fest." Carefree, AZ, USA 2006 Jan. "Thunderbird Artists 13 Annual Carefree FA&W Fest." Carefree, AZ, USA 2006 "Zest Fine Art Show'' Phoenix, AZ, USA 2006 "The Rose Moon'' Care Free, AZ, USA. 2006 "The Fine Art Walk" Phoenix, AZ, USA 2006 "Nahle Family Show Room" Rabieyh, Lebanon 2006 "Academy Arizona Arts Festival of Boulder Resort" Scottsdale, AZ, USA 2006 "Crescent Moon Ranch Art Festival Scottsdale AZ, USA. 2007 "Hidden in the Hills" Sonoran Art League Scottsdale, AZ, USA 2007 "Sunday at the Shemer " Phoenix, AZ, USA 2007 "Festival of Fine Art at Anthem" Anthem, AZ, USA 2007 "Arrowhead Lakes Fine Art & Culinary festival " Glendale, AZ, USA 2007 "Thunderbird Artists 5th Ave Fine Art & Wine Festival" Scottsdale, AZ, USA 2007 "Troon Mountain Health Club" Scottsdale ,AZ USA 2007 "Brophy College Preparatory Auction" Phoenix, AZ, USA 2007 "Fine Art Walk Village at Arrowhead" Glendale, AZ, USA 2007 "3rd Annual Anthem Festival of Fine Art" Anthem, AZ, USA 2007 Sun City Museum - "An Affair With the Arts" Sun City, AZ, USA. 2007 "An Art Experience" Phoenix, AZ, USA 2007 "Four Seasons Hotel" Scottsdale, AZ, USA 2007 "The Academy Arizona Arts Festival" Phoenix, AZ, USA 2007 "Thunderbird Artists Carefree Fine Art & Wine Festival" Carefree, AZ, USA 2008 "Second Annual Santa Monica Arts Festival" Santa Monica, CA, USA 2008 "Super Bowl XLII NFL Tailgate Party''Valley of the Arts Glendale, AZ, USA 2008 "Hidden in the Hills" Sonoran Art League Scottsdale, AZ, USA. 2010 "Fine Art in The Garden'' Phoenix, AZ, USA to top Acquisitions 1991 "Unicef''' of United Nation New York, USA 1995 "Museum of Department of Culture & Advanced Education" Beirut, Lebanon. 2001 "Shemer Art Center and Museum" Scottsdale, AZ, USA. Awards 1993 1st place in acrylic painting. Tempe Fall festival of the Arts, Tempe, AZ, USA 2002 2nd place Ribbon, "Lost Dutchman Days" Apache Junction, AZ, USA 2002 Judges Choice, "Lost Dutchman Days" Apache Junction, AZ, USA 2002 1st place Ribbon in acrylic painting. "An Affair with the Arts" West Valley Art Museum, Sun City, AZ, USA to top Private Collections Mr. Nahle's pieces can be found in private collections in the following countries... France, England, Switzerland, Germany, Lebanon, Ireland, Greece,Sweden, Spain, Austria, Finland, Holland, U.A.E., Armenia, Australia, Bahrain, Belgium, Colombia, Canada, Costa Rica, Cuba, Cyprus, Denmark, Iceland, Italy, Mexico, Norway, Qatar And in the follwoing locations in the U.S.... Boston, Las Vegas, Pittsburgh, Washington DC, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Seattle, California, New York, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Virginia, Texas, Oregon, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Montana, New Mexico, Hawaii, Virginia, Florida, Alaska, Minnesota, Kentucky, Ohio, New Jersey
Nancy Christy-Moore, Artist/Instructor
Nancy Christy-Moore
Nancy Christy-Moore,an internationally, recognized award-winning painter, brings the joy of color, energy and movement to her abstract mixed watermedia paintings created on both canvas and paper. Educated at Columbia College in Columbia, Missouri, the American Academy of Art in Chicago, and Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles, she has taught and exhibited her work for the past thirty plus years. Currently Nancy teaches workshops and conducts demonstrations using her "inner painting" techniques. Nancy Christy-Moore has held over 20 solo exhibits, with 2 in Japan. She accepts creative commissions. Included in many private and corporate collections, her paintings have been exhibited in museums, public spaces and as limited edition prints for the Hyatt Regency Hotel chain. She was cover artist and featured artist for Horses in Art Magazine's 2011 Summer issue, 2012 Menlo Charity Horse Show Official Artist and is a signature member of International Equine Artists. "Inspired art for the spirit within you"
Nancy Pendleton
Ms Nancy Pendleton
Listed in: mixed media, acrylic
My Artist Statement Recipe: Take one insecure little girl, a midwest upbringing, a painful childhood, art as an escape, some bad dating, good friendships, lots of therapy, loads of emotions, a search for joy, an optimistic outlook, love and marriage, self-love and confidence ? Mix that up with beautiful places, interesting people, Arizona sunshine, love for animals, style and fashion, geometry, a whimsical eye, a strong design sense, my illustration background ? Add vibrant colors, buttery textures, patterns, composition, acrylic paint, handmade paper, a few found objects ... Pour it out on a big fat canvas and call it My Life?s Passion.
Nasta Salgado
Nasta Salgado
Listed in: acrylic
Born and raised in Sonora, Mexico. Art has always been a force of my own nature. I?ve been involved in art ever since I could remember. Along with my paintings, I tend to use unusual combinations of media such as sand, charcoal, or fabric all which go with acrylic paint. My motive behind my artwork is to manifest happiness and good vibes through vibrant colors and abstract shapes. My main source of inspiration would probably have to be nature and my own life, solely because it represents constant change, adventure and adaptation
Nicolette Maguire Bonnsetter
Listed in: acrylic, wood
Nicolette Maguire Bonnstetter is a nationally recognized artist who was born in Iowa. She was raised in a small town with many aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents, all impacting her view of family history. Nicolette uses bold colors and black in space to create compositions incorporating objects that tie to some of her history growing up. The juxtaposition of color and space are what makes her work intriguing. It also makes you pause and remember your own history. Nicolette was an adjunct professor for the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, and Wesleyan University before moving to Arizona.
Ms Pari B.
Pet Portraits by Fiona Purdy/ Fiona Purdy Art
Fiona Purdy
Listed in: acrylic, pen & ink
I've had a kind of interesting life, so I'll tell you a little about it. I was born in the US, although my family moved to New Zealand when I was 8. It was there that my passion & love for animals pretty much took hold. New Zealand was a fantastic place to grow up - especially since there are animals every where, for me paradise for sure! I've always drawn animals, however, it was in NZ that I started painting them. I've been a full time professional pet portrait/animal artist for the past 25+ years. I moved to Scottsdale in the mid 1990's, where I've been living happily ever after.
Phil Webster Design
Phil Webster
Artist / Owner
Phil Webster is a self-taught artist exploring the intersections of mathematical patterns and shapes, natural forms, ancient design traditions, and sacred geometry. He blends his distinctive and diverse set of skills and interests with his lifelong love for the beauty of geometry to produce unique works of geometric art and décor. He creates his art using a variety of techniques, ranging from traditional straightedge and compass constructions with pencil, pen, ink, and watercolor; to laser cutting wood, paper, and acrylic; to 3D printing in plastic and metal; to digital prints on paper, canvas, and metal. His studies have been in the fields of geometry, cognitive science, music, cartography, and computer science. The common threads running through these fields inform his art and design today, including the appreciation of technological tools, aesthetics and design skills, and mathematical and programming skills. Phil was born in Rochester, New York, USA to classical musician parents. Though clearly inheriting his parents? musical talent, he also showed a flair for math and science throughout his formative years. He went on to study mathematics at MIT before opting to complete a BS in Brain and Cognitive Science (with a minor in Music). He also studied cognitive science at the graduate level at the University of Michigan and jazz composition and vocal performance at Berklee College of Music. Phil has held a wide range of jobs including cartography, desktop publishing and design, web design and development, and event management, before settling for many years into a career in IT management. Throughout this time he continued to pursue both art and music, presenting his visual art internationally in over 30 shows, and arranging and performing with Boston area a cappella group The Wicked Pitches. In 2008 he produced The Wicked Pitches? CARA award nominated album Think Twice. In 2018 Phil decided to leave the IT field in order to pursue his art full time. He currently resides in Chandler, AZ with his wife.
PStacy Fine Art
Pat Stacy
Listed in: acrylic, mixed media
Pat Stacy | Beyond What I See Springing from an interior well, my work contains symbols attesting to a belief in life beyond what I see. A native Arizonan, my work reflects my love of the Southwest. My unique Southwest Quadruvium series unites 4 wood panels in both vertical and horizontal configurations, and are contemporary in color, texture and style. Come join me in the Cuvee Studio in Cave Creek for Hidden In The Hills.
Rachel Dodge Artist
Rachel Dodge
Listed in: oil, acrylic, mixed media
Rachel Dodge is a painter that works primarily with oil. Subject matter is varied - interests are architecture, history and biology. Abstracts, landscapes, animals and human subjects.
Ravay Snow
Ravay Snow
I have been an artist for my entire life, drawing and painting the whole time that I was a child and teen, and finally emerging from the College of William and Mary in Virginia with a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts. In college, I focused on watercolor, and, since then, I have managed art galleries, written and illustrated several books (including "Hildegarde and the Great Green Shirt Factory," an award-winning, semi-autobiographical children's book), research reports, and ezines. After working as an author and publisher for some years, I discovered acrylic paints for the first time in 2010. The following year, I began painting as a full-time business. I started out painting custom animal portraits, and have created many, cherished paintings of peoples' pets. Most have been dogs, with a few cats, but some of the most memorable custom pieces I have created were a portrait of a teacup piglet in a tutu, and one of a lovely Jersey! I still work with a number of custom clients, but have recently focused more on my own pieces, which tend more toward wildlife and landscapes. Currently, I am emphasizing endangered species in my work, as well as creating a number of animal collective series. The sample below from my "Murder Suspects" series, indicates what you can expect from those pieces! My work has been juried into a number of museum and gallery shows in Colorado and Arizona, and is collected throughout the United States and Canada. In Arizona, I work out of my Rio Verde foothills studio, and exhibit at the Robin's Nest Studio during the Hidden in the Hills Studio Tour, held each November. I welcome new clients and collectors! Ravay Snow Fine Art 303-434-4960
Red Rope Studio
A resident of Carefree, Arizona, Nancy Michaelson has always wanted to create. "Even as a child I would ask my dad to stop the car so that we could just look at something; such as a beautiful sunset and the mountains as they reflected it, or a pattern of the movement of a brook over rocks", she recalls. Michaelson works by creating real places and people, but enhances the colors and texture, she notes, "My paining only begins with realism". In regards to her technique, Michaelson begins a painting most often with Q-tips. I sometimes even do most of my painting with Q-tips. This seems to give a spontaneity to the work" says Michaelson who paints outdoors whenever she can. "I also paint in my studio. Especially if I've seen a plum that is incredibly beautiful or if I am enthralled by the whiskers on a garlic or if I see a piece of cloth that would resonate against the color of another object", explains Michaelson. "Sometimes I get so caught up in my painting that I have Q-tips all over the floor". Michaelson has exhibited in local, national and international competitions and has earned numerous awards and accolades. She has also appeared in several magazines.
Rhonda Hudson Art
Rhonda Hudson
Listed in: oil, acrylic, watercolor
If someone enjoys my art, I am pleased to know we have shared a moment. I breathe art and my heart beats just a little faster and harder when I see an amazing piece. I simply want to paint. Since childhood I have loved every form of art and spent hours studying, walking galleries with my aunt and dreaming of becoming an artist with total abandonment. I was insistent on my sister sitting while I sketched her, never quite perfecting what I was looking for, but always enjoying the moment fully. In the past, my love was with watercolors and glass. Whether past or present my passion is for the act of making art, in whatever form. The feel of pencil to paper, brush to canvas and the smells that go along with it. My goal is to continuously be in the act of making art, feeling the richness of the paint, the depth and textures.
RMS Fine Art LLC
Robert Stenberg
Listed in: mixed media, acrylic
I have been a professional fine artist for over 18 years. I participate in juried art shows throughout Arizona, Colorado, and Texas. I have also participated in the Celebration of Fine Art for fifteen consecutive years. My work is 100% original. My style is contemporary and totally unique. My pieces are created on canvas and wood panels. I utilize a variety of materials including heavy layers of acrylic paint, found objects, antique pieces, wood, and metal.
Robin Ray
Robin Ray
As a third generation artist my world is filled with color texture, form and composition. My passion for universal themes was fueled by my studies abroad on Chapman's World Campus Afloat sailing around the world studying art, dance, architecture and religion in Africa and Asia. My bachelors degree began with 3 years at Montana State, graduating from ASU with a major in visual art and education. Later in life I earned a Masters in Studio Art with an Emphasis in Ceramics from NAU. My certifications range from kindergarten to college. Many years, 26 to be exact, were spent teaching visual art at Cactus Shadows CCUSD93 and serving as the department chair for the Arts. Previous to my teaching career I had a gallery that promoted Montana artists and carried the soft sculpture line I designed and cottage manufactured. The line was marketed to boutiques, galleries and arts/craft fairs. At this season in my life I have the joy of working in my studio and gardens. About 20 years ago I discovered I have a natural ability for painting decorative murals and paint about one a month, most of the locations are outdoors in beautiful settings on archways and fireplaces. Too boring to list exhibits, competitions, collections and publications, that is on my web site. I might be considered a folk artist with over 200 murals decorating the desert foothills area.
Robin's Fine Art
Robin Rand
Sharron Vincent Porter Studio
Ms Sharron V Porter
Painter / 3-D Mixed Media
5753 N 78th Place
Scottsdale, AZ 85250
United States
630-267-2422 cell
SHARRON VINCENT PORTER - BIO Sharron Vincent Porter has been a practicing artist and art instructor for most of her adult life. Though her subject matter is diverse, Porter's style is recognizably idiosyncratic and sensual; her compositions are richly colorful, and dynamic. She has a master's degree in sculpture, and her landscape paintings reflect this interest in 3-D space. The substructure of these works is built up in high relief on canvas, then heavily textured with acrylic mediums before painting. She often includes actual rocks, sticks and/or branches in them. Porter?s other passion is figurative painting. In these works, often described as ?Visionary Art?, her focus is on expressing the personal, intrapersonal, and metaphysical aspects of the human condition. Slightly caricatured, and often in semi-surreal surroundings, the images attempt to provoke questions and insights from her viewers. Symbolism is often present in the colors and images presented, as well. She has written poetry about many of her works, and she invites other poets to do the same - resulting in some wonderfully imaginative interpretations she may have never even thought of! Sharron is an award-winning signature artist and is included in an anthology written and edited by art critic, Louise Sheldon MacDonald, entitled Sedona's Best Artists. While living in Sedona, she served on the Board of Trustees for the Fine Art Museum of Sedona (formerly the Sedona Art Museum), supporting the building and development of an art museum for the Verde Valley in Sedona; she is a member of the Sedona Arts Center and the Sedona Visual Artists Coalition; she formerly served as President of the Sedona Area Guild of Artists (SAGA), and served on the Sedona Visual Artists Coalition Board. Porter has also donated her time being an art mentor for Sedona youths over the years, teaching in local Sedona schools, and volunteering her time to Gardens for Humanity, teaching and helping to organize several fundraisers. Recently, Sharron has moved to Scottsdale, Arizona, where she plans to continue to develop her visual repertoire and get involved in local arts organizations. The artist holds a Bachelor's Degree in Art Education from the University of Illinois, a Master's Degree in Sculpture from Northern Illinois University, and has taken years of supplementary art and education classes in various disciplines. She has worked in nearly every visual art media in her role as a high school and middle school art instructor. Porter has been a member of galleries, cooperative galleries, and art centers in Chicago, Pennsylvania, Florida, Sedona and Jerome AZ and has shown her work in solo and group exhibitions all around the Chicago, Phoenix and Sedona areas. Exhibitions in Illinois have included venues such as The Chicago Cultural Center, The Art Institute of Chicago, Beacon Street Gallery (Hull House), Northwestern University, ARC Gallery, and assorted community art centers and colleges. Porter has shown locally throughout the Verde Valley, Flagstaff, and the Phoenix area. Until its close in May of 2018, she was a member of Gallery 527 in Jerome, Arizona. She has won many awards over the years, including Best of Shows, People?s Choices, and First Places in Category awards, and was recently juried into a statewide exhibition supporting the Verde River cosponsored by az/HUMANITIES, Friends of the Verde River, and the Smithsonian Institute. Sharron also does commission work, specializing in local abstracted landscapes, portraiture, and "Harley" portraits.
Sher Dunshee-Menton Fine Art
Painter, graphic designer and art director, Sher Dunshee-Menton has had a varied successful art career spanning several decades. Born in Iowa, she began studying art during her formative years in suburban Chicago. Following the sudden death of her father, she continued her art studies at the University of Iowa. After finishing college, Sher segued seamlessly into commercial art working as a TV art director, a graphic designer, art director and finally became the first female commercial art director for a leading international electronics firm. After 20+ years successfully creating commercial art for corporate America, the work no longer satisfied her creative needs. Sher along with her late husband, James, took an extended sailing sabbatical. Nearly a decade later they returned to Arizona in support of family. Ceased by the NYAbEx painting aspirations of her youth, Sher refocused on developing her own form of abstract painting. She studied with local professional artists and painters developing her unique abstract painting style fusing mixed media collage with oils. She has devoted herself entirely to continuing to evolve her artwork.
Sherri Congrove
Mrs Sherri Congrove
928 580-8080
Listed in: ceramic, acrylic
. SHERRI CONGROVE 1348 N Bernard Mesa, AZ 85207 Sherri Congrove was an A student in all of her school art classes growing up. Her small beginnings in art started when her Mother, also an artist, first put a paintbrush in her hand at the young age of 5 years. She will tell you that she has loved art ever since! The Arizona School of Art was the premier Art experience in those days, and under the tutelage of European artist Joseph Rogozen she learned the secret of color mixing, creating form and balance, and creating fine art. Through marriage and raising children, she experimented with various kinds of art, teaching herself new techniques and art forms. This included floral design, interior decorating, and faux finishing. This would eventually lead her to discover Clay and she and her clay formed a love affair. She would often look at her clay work in wonder as it took shape in her eager hands. Throughout her art career, she has exhibited her art and sculpture in many prestigious art shows in Arizona, Nevada, and California. Her earnest hope is that you enjoy her art as much as she enjoyed creating it for you.
Silver Feather Images
Judi Hendricks
The Gallery at El Pedregal - Business Mgr.
Originally from Illinois, retired in Wisconsin and now in the right place, AZ. I have always had a love for animals and the great outdoors that has inspired my art to include both.
Stuart Yankell Studio
Stuart Yankell
Listed in: oil, acrylic, bronze
Y A N K E L L Selected Solo Exhibitions: Celebration of Fine Art, Scottsdale, AZ, 2013 - 2019 Joseph Morris Gallery, Bala Cynwyd, PA, 2003 - 2019 The Hamilton Gallery Las Olas, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 2012- 2015 Abraham Moyal Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel, 2011 Zen Dog Gallery, Rhinebeck, NY, 2010 - 2012 Galeria de Casa San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2009 Chagall Inc. Edmonton, Alberta, 2008 Louis Aronow Gallery, San Francisco, CA, 2005-2007 Laura Rathe Fine Art, Houston TX, 2007 Scuola Internationale di Grafica, Venice, Italy, 2006 Art & Soul, Indianapolis, ID, 2005, 2006 Marcus Ashley Gallery, Lake Tahoe, CA, 2005 Borsini ? Burr Gallery, Half Moon Bay, CA, 2003-2006 Martha Clara Gallery, Riverhead, NY, 2004 Synchronicity Space, New York, NY, 2003, 2004 D?Adamo/ Woltz Gallery, Seattle, WA, 2001- 2003 Wyndy Morehead, New Orleans, LA, 2001- 2003 Bennett Gallery. Nashville, TN, 2001 Kulturring Hullhorst e.V. Gallery, Hullhorst, Germany, 2000 Galeria Madilian, Mallorca, Spain, 1999 La Jolla Gallery, La Jolla, CA, 1996 -1998 The Hyde Collection, Glens Falls, NY, 1996 Gallery of Contemporary Fine Arts, New York, NY, 1990 -1995 Columbus Gallery, New York, NY, 1989 -1994 Selected Group Exhibitions Art Market San Francisco, San Francisco, CA, 2018 - 2109 Art Market Hamptons, Bridgehampton, NY, 2017 Royal Street Fine Art, Aspen, CO, 2014 Renee Taylor Gallery, Sedona, AZ, 2013 Neela Castana Gallery, Estero, Fl, 2007-2012 Galleria di Sorrento, Las Vegas, NV, 2007 -2009 Evergreen Fine Art, Evergreen, CO, 2004 -2006 Hanson Gallery, Carmel, CA, 2004 Global Art Gallery, Atlanta, GA, 2003 Whitney Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA, 2001 David Findlay Jr., New York, NY, 1998 - 2001 William Vincent Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM, 1998 James A. Michener Museum, Doylestown, PA, 1996 Selected Corporate Collections Disma Pharm, GmbH, Zurich, Switzerland duPont Corporation, Wilmington, DE Grecca International Corporation, Tokyo IBM Corporation, New York, NY Madaus, GmbH, Cologne, Germany Weintraub Capital Management, San Francisco, CA Teaching Experience Adjunct Professor of Art History, Neumann University, Aston, PA, 1989-1997 Adjunct Professor of Painting, Villanova University, Villanova, PA, 1993, 1994 Adjunct Professor of Painting, Rowan University, Glassboro, NJ, 1989 -1995 Selected Music and Entertainment Industry Collections Dave Matthews, Carlos Santana, Ravi Coltrane, Branford Marsalis, Wynton Marsalis, Jesse Cook The Gypsy Kings, India Arie, Jeff Watts, Robert Porco, Soledad Barrio, M. Night Shyamalan Education University of Pennsylvania BFA, MFA 1985,1988 Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts Certificate 1985 Frudakis Sculpture Academy 1983 -1988 Temple University / Rome 1981
sudha's LLC
About me, an artist. Years of education and endless creative effort where I find beauty and joy in both the process and the end product, I continue to enjoy making art. It offers me an efficacious and enduring method to communicate my feelings and ideas. Through installations, constructions, sculptures, paintings, photography and videography, I bring together an assortment of my feelings, thoughts and images. I appreciate the master artists who were my teachers. I was born in Bangalore, India. Some of the world?s most graceful stone sculptures, including figures in the temples of Halebidu and Beluru, were available for me to enjoy as I grew up. My father introduced me to the extensive art collection in the Mysore palace museums at a very young age. Cinema was a part of life. Living in the West with my husband, Patrick Freehill, I have the experience of being born and brought up in one culture and living in other cultures. I have explored the art of a variety of different world cultures through extensive travel and study, with input from cinema, performance arts and pop culture as well as other contemporary arts. They have enriched my life as I discover and explore many different approaches in my art making journey. In addition, I straddle the worlds of arts and science. My work reflects who I am as a result of my close personal relationships, an amalgamation of multiple cultures and my training in art. It also reflects who I am as a product of my medical training and my experience in a life humbled and enriched by exploring and nurturing the health of my patients as their physician. Whatever medium I am working in, I generally prefer to begin with no preconceived idea of my finished work. As I explore the materials and the technical process, I begin to envision a concept. I work until I feel I have expressed what I wish to convey. I enjoy the challenge and the process of finding a result that will express who I am. In response to my effort to find the new and generate intrigue, I invite viewers to bring their intuition and knowledge to explore my work for a richer and lasting experience.
Sue Hunter Fine Art
Sue Hunter
Color is an important aspect of my work, which is reflected in an impressionistic style. Sue teaches classes and workshop and juries art shows. She works in oil, pastel, acrylic and mixed media.
Sue Lewis Designs
As a career art educator in Des Moines I worked at nurturing creative problem solving In self and others through a variety of art media. Today my work is thematic, using a number of media-- often within single piece. . Silver fabricated jewelry may hang in paintings. Creative content has always been as important as technique. My past SAL experience has included serving on the SAL Board, chairing the scholarship committee, helping with youth art, serving on NBAZ exhibit committee, and doing 12 years of HITH. As an exhibitor I have had 4 solo shows, had several galleries in Iowa, Colorado and Arizona. My preference today is to share from my home-based studio. I will be doing 2016 HITH. Please call with questions.
Susan Gillette LLC
Ms Susan Gillette
Susan Gillette grew up in Woodstock and Rhinebeck, New York, in the 1960s. Born to a college professor, she was surrounded by culture and the beauty of the Hudson River Valley and Manhattan. Susan received her Bachelor of Fine Art from SUNY at Purchase, New York, under the tutelage of Antonio Frasconi and Murray Zimiles. She continued on to the School of Visual Arts for her Masters and Art Education degrees. Her education was punctuated by employment at many magazines as an illustrator. After teaching art at Washington Irving High School in lower Manhattan and Saint Mary?s Grade School in Yonkers, New York, she moved to Phoenix Arizona. Once in Phoenix she was hired as a printmaker/designer at Phoenix Art Group until she branched out on her own in 1997. Since that time her work has been offered through galleries in LA, Seattle, Kansas City, Phoenix, New York, Georgia, Canada, and the UK. Susan has worked in multiple mediums often combining printmaking, collage, and painting. Her work ranges in size from 4? x 4? to 8? x 12?. Susan currently resides in Scottsdale Arizona with her husband. They enjoy traveling and outdoor activities. Susan?s Art is published under many different names for copyrighting and publishing purposes: Tony Wire, Susan Lorello, Susan Conti, Madeline Morris, amongst others. Collectors include: Barbara Streisand, Magic Johnson, Khloe Kardashian, Dave Mustaine, Adrienne Vittadini, Queen Latifa, and thousands more wonderful people.
Suzie Black Artist Studio
Suzie Black
Suzie Black is an artist who creates abstract expressionist works, which effortlessly blend the world of the material with the world of the spiritual. She received her formal training at George Washington University and the Corcoran School Art, and received advanced degrees in both art therapy and art education. Suzie continues her studies constantly at such prestigious places as the Art Students' League and Scottsdale Artist School. Her style is creative, colorful, fun and thought provoking. Born in Essex County, New Jersey, Suzie now lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, with her husband Dave. As a student and teacher alike, Suzie has created true works of art. These colorful works have been shown and sold in galleries across the United States. Suzie is a Juried member of the Sonoran Arts League in Cave Creek, Arizona. Recent Shows: Taste of Cavecreek, October 2013 Art in Public Places National Bank of Arizona, Juried SAL show 2014 Juried Contemporary Show,Cavecreek 2014 April's For the Arts Invitational Exhibition for Sonoran Arts League Juried members, 2014 Suzie also teaches painting and drawing to a wide variety of artists. Her monthly workshops and weekly classes incorporate cultural and historical art education with the how-to approach of both traditional and contemporary art.
Sylvia Fugmann Brongo
Sylvia Fugmann Brongo
Clay/Ceramic/Ceramics Artist
I have been an artist all of my life. I remember painting pinecones on my family kitchen table when I was 5 or 6 years old. It evolved from there. I've been creating and selling my ceramic clay vessels, sculpture, and paintings since 1983. Originally from Upstate New York, I moved to Cave Creek, Arizona in 2006. I had traveled to Phoenix many times to visit my younger sister who moved here in 1989. I enjoyed escaping New York winters, and exploring National Parks, and eventually found a true appreciation of the majestic Sonoran Desert. While living in upstate New York, on 32 beautiful acres, I traveled to hundreds of juried art shows in the Northeast, Southeast, and Midwest selling my work. I have also participated in tradeshows in Valley Forge, Philadelphia, and Boston, where I sold works to galleries and fine craft shops nationwide. Between selling wholesale and retail, I spent many 70+ hours per week designing, creating, marketing, and selling my work. Currently my work can be found at the Wild Holly Gallery in Carefree, Arizona. I enjoy the adventure and challenges of living in the Cave Creek artist filled community. I continue to explore the natural wonders of my environment to further inspire my artistic creativity. My ceramic pieces are slab built, carved and incised. I make vases, wall pieces, and outdoor sculpture using a variety of low fire and high fire clays. I spray colorful glazes onto the surface, enhancing the texture, and adding a sense of life-like movement. I am a juried member of the Sonoran Arts League. I have taught several ceramics and mixed media workshops to adults and children in our community. Check in with me during the Hidden in the Hills tour, to see about my winter workshops! Learn more about my clay work on my website at:
T.J. Bishop Art
Mr Thomas Bishop
Starting at an early age, the two things that TJ Bishop loved the most in life were art and nature. He could only imagine what it would be like to have the opportunity to create visions of nature as he saw them?it was an ultimate dream. With the beginning of his formal education and throughout his professional career, all of his endeavors, in one manner, or another, have been directed toward that dream. After graduating from Cooper School of Art and Cleveland Institute of Art in 1962, he was employed by American Greetings Cards, Inc. During his employment there that lasted several years he developed his talent and grew as an artist. The position not only allowed him to hone his skills but, it gave him the opportunity to work beside a vast number of great artists, several of which were members of the National Academy of Design as well as the American Watercolor Society. It was a time of inspiration and growth. Even as his place in the corporate world became more involved, his early ambitions to be an artist never vanished. Over the years he continued his wildlife art, painting whenever possible, which ultimately lead to the production of two wildlife calendars that were distributed by American Greetings. As a result of this national exposure, he was asked to provide artwork for the 1976 National Audubon Benefit Auction at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. The artwork at the auction was, ?by invitation only? solicited through the National Audubon Society; it was a list of the ?Who?s Who? of U.S. wildlife art. His painting of a Prairie Falcon was purchased by the well-known author George Plimpton. During the same period, he was also honored by having permanent exhibits of his art placed in the Cleveland Museum of National History. In 1979, after having spent some seventeen years at American Greeting?s he had climbed through the organization to a senior level marketing position, he went through a burn-out phase and decided to lessen his stress. He decided to find a position where he could still work in a creative/marketing environment, but more importantly one that would allow him to concentrate more on his painting. To that end he ultimately moved to Barrington, Rhode Island, where he had taken an equity position with a much smaller, family owned, greeting card business, which unfortunately came to an end with the untimely death of the owner. Given those circumstances he eventually started his own Sales Promotion/Advertising business, and was thrown back into the rigors of a start-up business, even so, his dream of painting were seemingly never far from his thoughts. During that time, although painting catch as catch can, he was still fortunate enough (in 1980) to be a Water Color Award Winner for the First International Mystic Marine show in Mystic, Connecticut that hosted entries from 86 countries. In 1982 He was voted into the Providence Art Club in Providence, Rhode Island and then following in 1983 he was voted as an artist member, into the internationally known Salmagundi Club in New York City. Through the 80?s and early 90?s, his business grew exponentially to include numerous national and international accounts, luxury European Automobiles Saab, Land Rover, Jaguar and as well large consumer brands such as Burger King, Pizza Hut, Red Lobster, General Mills, Kellogg?s, etc., etc. which required opening several satellite offices across the United States, as well as England, SE Asia. In the mid 90?s unexpected health considerations called for a change and the business was ultimately wound down and sold off. 1n 1996 he came to Arizona, he had been asked to help a life-long acquaintance who wanted to take his company public. The business at hand was heavily involved in NASCAR racing which required senior management to attend every race during the season. Thus, as a member of same, he met and became friends with most of the team owners and drivers of the day. Accordingly, 1n 1997 at the Daytona 500 he witnessed a crash involving numerous drivers including the legendary Dale Earnhardt Sr. and was able to snap some photos of Dale and his wrecked car as he entered the pits. When the images were finally developed (no digital cameras at that time) He thought to himself that that the image of the wrecked car would make an interesting painting and so he did one that he entitled, ?What Legends Are Made Of? which turned out to be the largest grossing motorsports print in history. Over the next few years he painted several of the stars of the sport and although he wasn?t painting wildlife he was painting. Dale Earnhardt?s untimely death in 2001 changed the interest and desire to paint within the sport and he wanted to get back to wild life, western subject matters?and better yet pheasants and mule deer didn?t have managers, agents and require contract?s or royalties. Although over the years his style may have changed somewhat, but his preparation is still the same. Before he begins work on a painting, he exhaustedly researches the subject and different possibilities, making certain that everything included in his piece is exact to the minutest detail. He generally uses only his own photo reference, images gained from hours of trekking through the mountains of Colorado or the deserts of Arizona. Although he will paint in almost any medium, a few years ago he changed almost exclusively to Acrylics, after a life time doing watercolor which he found as the most difficult and unforgiving of mediums and he thought what the heck?life?s too short. Associations, Clubs, Galleries, Shows ? Past and Present Providence Art Club, Providence, Rhode Island Salmagundi Club, New York, New York International Society of Animal Artists Arizona Watercolor Association Rocky Mountain Animal Artists National Audubon Benefit Auction, Plaza Hotel, Mew York, New York Art and the Animal ? Annual Exhibition(s) Mountain Oyster Club, Tucson, Arizona International Marine Art Show, Mystic Museum, Mystic Connecticut RS Hanna Gallery, Fredricksburg, Texas Huey Fine Art, Santa Fe, New Mexico Wildlife Experience Museum, Parker, Colorado San Diego Natural History Museum, San Diego, California Trailside Galleries, Scottsdale, Arizona
TK Creative, LLC
Tyson Koerper
Art Director
My name is Tyson Koerper. While I work as a graphic designer and illustrator for a range of clients under my business - TK Creative, LLC, I also spend some of my time creating fine art on either commission or as a hobbyist. Much of my art focuses on acrylic or oil still-life compositions and landscapes, but I occasionally venture into more science-fiction themed works when it comes to my digital work.
Mr Tom Friese
BA Albion College 1966 Ceramics MFA University of Michigan 1969 Lithography Asst. Professor Art Mankato State University Friese-Mier Interior Design 1977-2015
Tree Loft Studios
Dena Johnson
Dena Johnson
Dena Johnson makes her home in Anchorage, AK and Carefree, AZ. Being a photographer; she uses her photos for inspiration in many of her paintings and gourds. For the last 40 years, she has specialized in oil, acrylic, watercolor and mixed media. She has won several awards for her contributions to the art community; Best In Show in Bremerton, WA, voted as best artist in "Art In The Park" in Anchorage, AK and 1st place in photography from the Black Mountain Conservancy. Dena is a long time member of the Sonoran Arts League and an annual host in Hidden In The Hills Studio Tour for the last 15 years.
Mr Anthony Smith Chaigneau
Well traveled Welshman who is an award winning artist in a range of medium. Landscapes, birds, fine art and some cartooning. Living in Scottsdale
Valerie Hildebrand LLC
Valerie Hildebrand
Listed in: batik, acrylic
Valerie Hildebrand will be exhibiting at Feather Heart Studio, Studio #22 during the Hidden in the Hills Studio Tour, November 16, 17, 18, 23, 24, and 25, 2018. You can also see her work year-round at On The Edge Gallery at 7050 E. 5th Avenue in Scottsdale, AZ. Valerie Hildebrand was always focused on her goal to become an artist carrying a double major in college - art, with a focus on painting, and theoretical mathematics. Her early career took her in the direction of computers, so it wasn't until she moved to Arizona in 2000 that she was inspired to create art again. A good friend suggested stained glass so she began to explore techniques for working with glass and became proficient enough that a local glass shop asked her to join their staff of teachers. She very much enjoys facilitating the learning process and watching others find that spark that inspires them. Valerie is a "Multiple Media Artist" since she is not yet ready to settle down to just one medium for her artistic expression. She never stops searching for new techniques and inspiration so her adventures in art have taken her into the realms of glass, batik, jewelry and metalsmithing, fabric design, painting, and digital art.
Valerie Ostenak
MS. Valerie Ostenak
Listed in: acrylic, mixed media
STATEMENT OF WORK: Transformation. Movement. Flow . . . that is what I and my art are all about. The flow that occurs when thoughts become reality, growing vines change their surroundings, water creates canyons, and wind moves the clouds?the energy and movement in objects and ideas, and their affect on us in both the microcosm and macrocosm. I am shifting my 25+ year creative focus from metal to painting. The ideas and feelings I am driven to express now are more suited to the atmospheric possibilities of paint than the immediate tactility of metal. Expressing the ephemeral in a more visual way reflects the emotions that flow through my hands to the canvas. I can get the brushes and paint to mirror transformation of unseen thought as opposed to the metal showing literal movement. I respond to the nebulous, the intuitive as it flows through me. Painting allows me to escape the physical. SERIES AND INSPIRATION Currently in my painting, I am exploring four series: Conversations with the Stillness, Embracing Shadow, Listening to Water, and Missing Hawaii. Each has a different philosophical approach, yet each seeks to bring myself, and the viewer, to a place of contentment and understanding. Conversations with the Stillness series explores the tranquility, the serenity that presents itself when we quiet our minds in meditation and prayer. Embracing Shadow reveals the light that comes out of the darkness as those meditations and prayers become answers for us. Listening to Water presents the turbulence and chaos of transformation and change as we live out those answers. It is up to each of us to find the way to breathe in the water, to swim with the current, and transform through the turbulence. Missing Hawaii is finding focus through the deep dark sadness of not being able to connect with family during the struggles of the pandemic. Floral possibilities begin to ground us in soothing familiarity. Images from the Hubble telescope are my visual inspiration. They show the deep darkness that exists outside ourselves, outside our ordinary reality. The vastness of space is equatable to the Shadow within us all. Swirling within that darkness are an infinite number of brilliant stars, the literal light illuminating the way within ourselves. They are the guideposts that we seek and travel toward to take us out of the dark, to bring us peace and enlightenment. Nebulae in the formation of new systems are as images of thoughts coalescing and becoming real within our mind. They are thought materializing. The Hubble images are a vast visual of what and who we are. The Universe is connected to us and acts as a repository for all that we are. Transcendent and atmospheric, my paintings present a way for us to stop and listen to our heart. NARRATIVE BIO Ostenak?s art career has spanned 25+ years primarily as a metalsmith working in steel and silver creating sculptures: decorative, functional, and wearable as art jewelry. She has worked with private clients, interior designers, and architects, designing and creating art for them to wear, and to live with. HIGHLIGHTS In 2018, Valerie was invited by St. James?s House, a world-leading creative media group working with Rolls-Royce, to co-brand with the North American Rolls-Royce Owners? Club for their annual Meet at Lake Tahoe. Her participation in this bespoke opportunity included an exhibition of her jewelry at the event and featured placement in the official Rolls-Royce commemorative book distributed internationally to RR owners exclusively. Ostenak is the recipient of the 2017 Saul Bell Jewelry Design Award in Alternative Materials; the 2011 Centurion Emerging Designer Award: one of six from an international field; and the 2009 Halstead Jewelry Design and Business Development Grant. In 2009, National Geographic interviewed her for their online Education series and she was twice selected for their annual American Artist Appreciation Month. Valerie has presented her sculptural jewelry on the fashion runways of Phoenix Fashion Week 2009 & 2013 and LA Style Week in 2013. The Maria Elena Kravetz Gallery of Argentina presented her jewelry at SOFA Chicago in 2013 & 2016. She has been invited to exhibit at the internationally acclaimed Artistar Jewels Art Jewelry Exhibition, in Milan, Italy 2014?2017 during Milan Fashion Week. Ostenak?s work has been published in numerous books, magazines, and blogs. Selected titles include: Strive for Perfection, official 2018 commemorative book of the North American Rolls-Royce Owners? & Collectors? Club; Artistar Jewels Exhibition Catalog 2015-2017; Wearable Expressions 7th International Wearable Art Exhibition Catalog 2017; Art Jewelry Today; Art Jewelry Today 2; Trend and Colours CIJ International; Watch & Jewelry Review; Showcase 500 art necklaces;; Secret Life of Jewelry; British Vogue; British Harper?s Bazaar; and Contemporary Art of the Southwest. Ostenak has conducted her own workshops on forging silver, as well as being an invited lecturer at the Art Institute of Phoenix, and demonstrator/lecturer at the Northern Arizona Arizona University and the Arizona State University metals departments.
Vise Studio & Gallery
Roxanne Vise
Roxanne Vise lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with her husband and together they run an artisan candle shop and gallery. Roxanne also guides artists at all levels of their career through her art business website and blog at Born in Michigan, then spent the majority of her childhood in California's Napa Valley, where she acquired not only a love of the nearby ocean and wild spaces of the area, but also the free spirited, intuitive approach that today infuses her art. The relationship between abstraction and spirit along with a penetrating sense of wonder of the natural world inspires much of Roxanne's work. She rarely has a scripted plan for how a painting will be completed and lets mood, intuition and spontaneous gestures act as guides. Her materials include aspen leaves, beeswax, acrylic, oil stick, pigments and tree resin to infuse each painting with its individual energy, depth and luminosity. Roxanne's interest in subjects is only limited by the constraints of time. From exploring the idea of aspen trees - each connected through their root systems as one living organism; the infinity of the cosmos; the depth of the ocean; the small flower breaking concrete to reach the sun; to geometric blocks of color marrying ancient geological imagery with primitive gemstones - the textures and wonder of life and the interconnectedness of it all supplies her with inspiration to paint for more than a typical lifetime. Her current focus lies in four series: trees, wings, celestial and abstract landscapes. Roxanne's work is exhibited throughout the United States. Her commissions include wineries and private clients. Her work is also featured as the poster artist for several events. Self-educated, Roxanne freely explores new concepts, experiments and develops innovative techniques that characterizes her work.
Mrs Padma Tangallpalli
Art instructor
Wesley Hartin Art Studio LLC
Mr Wes Hartin
Wes Hartin began his art career in 2008 after retiring from a long professional career in Information Technology where he enjoyed using his inventiveness in developing software and solving business problems. After expressing his creativity through writing, building airplanes and houses, Wes picked up a brush and began painting Arizona sunsets, landscapes and various abstracts in the style of Jackson Pollock. Creating art allowed Wes to continue being imaginative through using color and perspective to represent the beautify of life as he saw it. Desiring to grow and expand his artistic impressions as well as to utilize his engineering skills, Wes began creating three-dimensional metal sculptures, metal desert plants and wall art in 2017. In 2019 a new studio was built on Mule Train Road in picturesque Carefree Arizona, where he continues to create using all the styles he has grown to love over the years. Commissions and custom modifications are always welcome. Wes is a member of the Sonoran Arts League of Cave Creek and will again be displaying in the annual Hidden in The Hills (HITH) studio tour. In 2020, Wesley Hartin Art Studio LLC will be displaying and hosting four other for the HITH studio tour.
Tim Frazier
Listed in: acrylic