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Kirby Plessas
Kirby Plessas Art
  mixed media
  el Pedregal

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"I?m interested in exploring my past experiences through the lens of abstract art. From my military and intelligence career, to owning my own business as a veteran and a woman, to having lived in and traveled to such a variety of locations, from Montana to DC to Kuwait. My intent is to be bold but detailed and to give everyone a different idea of what the artwork is or can mean for them."

For more information, email and visit her online at
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Kirby Plessas is originally from Montana, but throughout her career as an Army linguist and an intelligence analyst, she moved all over the country, finally, choosing to live in Cave Creek, Arizona. Feeling inspired by her surroundings, she has returned to her art and creates colorful and bold abstracts.

She also runs a digital marketing agency focused on fine art and has an accompanying podcast:

To get a peek at her current projects, visit her on instagram:

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