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Mark and Nancy Dabrowski
  mixed media

   9852 E. Sidewinder Trail
    Scottsdale, AZ 85262
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   Phone: 480-570-0273
Artist Statement

Geometric shapes in the form of raw wood speak to Mark. Nancy, on the other hand, prefers to sketch designs which Mark attempts to bring to three dimensional life. Once a sculpture takes shape it is rarely ready for “prime time”. We evaluate and revise and revise some more until we are both satisfied with the outcome. We hope you will be too!
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Mark’s affinity for wood dates back to his childhood when he began collecting chess sets made from wood. His first attempt at making something out of wood resulted in an ugly end table made from a tree trunk that only a mother could love. The years passed and we found ourselves on five acres of wooded wonderland, or not. Overrun with invasive Buckthorn and myriad dead trees, a chainsaw became Mark’s newest friend. But what to do with all that wood? Some we burned, some we saved, and saved, and saved. That is what happens when you buy a property that has a barn. Our best friend, George, began making wooden wall sculptures that looked pretty cool. We followed suit, utilizing wood stored in the barn whenever possible. Raw wood became geometric shapes with the aid of power tools. The rectangles, squares, triangles and circles fused together into larger pieces which we displayed in our home. After several years of perfecting the craft by incorporating metal and color, and left with no more wall space, we decided to take the avocation to the next level.

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