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Sherri Congrove
Sherri Congrove

   5831 E Hampton Ave
    Mesa, AZ 85206
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   Phone: 928 580-8080
Artist Statement

Artist Statement
My art doesn’t take life too seriously. It is neither whimsical, nor serious, but falls somewhere in between. There is no deep meaning, nor hidden inuendos in the work I do. That would be far too mysterious. I merely paint because I love the interaction between my colors. Sometimes they love me back, and sometimes they don’t!
Painting was my first love affair. We have been a pair ever since. And although I have accepted Clay as my close friend, painting is always there, calling me back to its waiting arms. Together we work our magic of light and design.
I would discover ceramics late in my career, but better late than not at all. I love the suppleness of clay. It can become anything I can dream of. Many of my ideas are born in the wee hours of the morning where my dream has a potential of becoming a reality if only I can remember it long enough! Then I strive to commit my clay into a form and texture that loosely mimics those ordinary or not so ordinary beings around us, thereby infusing life into it. Then I gaze in wonder at my finished creation, my beautiful clay child, I am proud of it, be it ever so humble, this dirt and water…
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5831 E Hampton Ave
Mesa, AZ 85206

Sherri Congrove was an A student in all of her school art classes growing up. Her small beginnings in art started when her Mother, also an artist, first put a paintbrush in her hand at the young age of 5 years. She will tell you that she has loved art ever since!
The Arizona School of Art was the premier Art experience in those days, and under the tutelage of European artist Joseph Rogozen she learned the secret of color mixing, creating form and balance, and creating fine art.
Through marriage and raising children, she experimented with various kinds of art, teaching herself new techniques and art forms. This included floral design, interior decorating, and faux finishing. This would eventually lead her to discover Clay and she and her clay formed a love affair. She would often look at her clay work in wonder as it took shape in her eager hands.
Throughout her art career, she has exhibited her art and sculpture in many prestigious art shows in Arizona, Nevada, and California. Her earnest hope is that you enjoy her art as much as she enjoyed creating it for you.

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