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Briony Botha
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   Advanced Integrative Medicine
   97 Central Street
    Johannesburg, Gau 2198
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   Phone: 0110587600

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Handicap Accessible: No

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Therapist's Gender: F

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    English / Afrikaans

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    Briony Botha qualified as a Colon Hydrotherapist in 2000. Since then she has become one of the most respected colon therapists in South Africa, achieving certification through the British association RICTAT ( and the the Global American based Association GPACT.

    Briony is a registered as an Advanced Colon Hydrotherapist with RICTAT and GPACT and is a certified Clinical Colon Hydrotherapist through GPACT.

    Briony owns and operates Trinity Health, a holistic colonics centre in Honeydew Johannesburg and in 2011 franchised a second branch in Bedfordview Johannesburg.

    In 2012, Briony become the first and currently only Cololavage Therapist in South Africa. CololavageTM is a method of colonscopy preparation developed by Dr Chris Demetriou and GPACT president Amy Sanders in 2010. It is a highly developed method of prepping patients who have had difficulty prepping the past or who are unable to cope with standard preparations.

    Briony is a respected member of the Colon Therapy community and is a strong advocate for proper training and colon therapy standards worldwide.

    "The truth is that I am just an ordinary woman, living in an extraordinary world. I am a wife, mother and human being making my way through life."

    Professional Education:
        ColoLAVAGE training 2012 - See my ColoLAVAGE page:

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