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Constance (Connie) Jones
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   Center for Progressive Therapies
   192 Hartford Road
    Manchester, CT 06040

Contact Info:
   Phone: 8602874558

Hours of Operation:
   Monday-Thursday, 1 Saturday a month

   $126 per 60-min. session ($156 initial visit)

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Handicap Accessible: No

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Therapist's Gender: F

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    "My commitment is to bring my expertise and knowledge, intuition and compassion to each of my clients and to provide you with the highest quality of safe, comfortable, and effective Colon Hydrotherapy."
    - Constance Jones
    As a practicing Colon Hydrotherapist since 1980, I have performed over 55,000 Colon Hydrotherapy sessions. I take a bio-energetic approach to Colon Hydrotherapy, focusing on balancing the lower chakras by releasing their emotional, mental, and spiritual blockages while assisting my clients in letting go physically.

    Not only am I an Instructor Level member of GPACT, I am certified through the International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy (I-ACT) as an Instructor and was an I-ACT Board Member for seven years. Recently I was awarded the I-ACT Colon Hydrotherapist of the Year 2014.I am also certified through the National Board for Colon Hydrotherapy (NBCHT). I hold a BA with Honors in American Studies from UNC-CH.

    In 1998, I founded the New England School of Colon Hydrotherapy in Boston and served as its director for six years. Currently, I offer apprenticeships. For twenty-four years, I managed Constance Jones and Associates in Boston. Then I offered colonics at Glastonbury Naturopathic Center in Connecticut for 11 years. I am excited to announce the opening of my own private practice at the Center for Progressive Therapies in Manchester in the Fall of 2014.
    My supervising physician is Dr. Jonathan Ritz.

    Having grown up with a father who was an old-fashioned Family Medical Doctor in North Carolina, healthcare comes naturally to me. I was introduced to Colon Hydrotherapy in 1976, when confronting a two-year diet pill addiction while speeding through a stressful financial career in New York City. My personal journey to recovery consisted of several natural healing modalities including cleansing through diet and Colon Hydrotherapy. During this time, I began a path of personal and spiritual growth and, within one year, I left Wall Street and began my studies in Macrobiotics, Raw Foods and general nutrition in Boston.

    Over the past 35 years, I have continued to expand my learning and what I offer others. I also enjoy the ritual soul work for women I bring to 2 groups in my area.

    Awards and Recognition:
        I-ACT Colon Hydrotherapist of the Year 2014

    About My Practice:
        My technique uses hygienic and comfortable disposable equipment and multi-filtered, purified water within a closed FDA-registered system.
        I am honored to be New England�s senior Colon Hydrotherapist, having performed over 55,000 colonic sessions. In practice since 1980, I am certified at the Instructor Level, meeting the highest standards through GPACT, I-ACT, and NBCHT.
        I welcome you to my nurturing, serene, and safe environment, where your utmost privacy and sense of well being are always my greatest concern. Many of my clients leave their colon cleansing session commenting on what a wonderful experience they've had.
        *Constance Jones is New England�s senior Colon Hydrotherapist, with 35 years of experience.
        *Sessions last 60 minutes, as compared to typical 35-45 minute sessions.
        *Sessions include abdominal and pressure point stimulation.
        *Constance is supervised by Dr. Jonathan Ritz.
        *2014 Fall opening of Constance Jones - Colon Hydrotherapy at the Center for Progressive Therapies in Manchester, CT.

    Professional Education:
        1971 BA with Honors in American Studies UNC-CH
        Graduate study in Nutrition St. Mary's
        1980-1982 Apprenticeship in Colonic Irrigation - Lynne Kaye, Boston, MA
        1982 Colonic Irrigation Certification - Florida School of Natural Health
        1996 Certifications through Instructor Level I-ACT & NBCHT
        2013 Prep for Colonscopies Certification - Suzanne Gray


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    Special Offers

    Series of 3: 60-min sessions $354
    Series of 3: 90-min. sessions $488


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