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Senior Cook

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Senior Cook

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Oversight of all food and menu preparation. Prepare serving line and ensure that it is kept stocked. Ensures cleanliness of the kitchen area. The individual will assist senior lead cook and senior supervisor with serving line temperature spot checks.

WAGES: $13.65/hour

JOB SITE: Vanwey Dining Hall, Tinker Air Force Base

Must be 18 years old or older
Must be able to pass background checks that are required to enter work site and any other background check agency deems necessary
Must meet badge requirements for all assigned buildings

Must have regular and punctual attendance
Must be able to work independently
Must be able to read menus and recipes
Knowledge of current culinary trends is imperative
Required before employment: DRTC/Federal Contracts Food Sanitation and Safety course, Contractor’s badge, and vehicle registration.


The following physical requirements are necessary to meet this job description:
Standing up to 8 hours
Able to lift maximum weight of 50 pounds vertically*
Able to lift maximum weight of 25 pounds horizontally*
Weights of items exceeding max weight capacity require a two-person lifting policy. Able to carry above described weights a maximum distance of 100 feet*
The position requires standing, walking, twisting, reaching, bending, crouching, and kneeling. May also grasp, push, pull, drag and lift equipment and other items.
Must have mobility, vision, and dexterity levels, appropriate to the duties to be performed

*NOTE: Employee will be coached for lifting more than maximum weight or for non-use of required safety equipment.

This position is scheduled on a weekly basis. There are no consistent working hours; schedules will vary, with a thirty minute meal break. Breaks are given when schedules allow. Some positions will require individual to work a split shift.

This position is non-exempt and receives overtime pay at one and one half times the regular rate of pay for all hours worked over 40 hours in a workweek beginning Saturday 12:00am through Friday midnight

ServSafe Manager Certification
Safety Training
Hazard Communication
Blood Borne Pathogens Training

Must have knowledge of Dale Rogers Training Center's Mission and Philosophies.
Must be familiar with all DRTC policies/procedures and organizational structure of the agency, including all agency safety and emergency procedures.
Comprehends and complies with all standards set forth by regulatory agencies within their realm of program involvement.
Uses agency tools and procedures to insure organization and consistency

Will be responsible for obtaining AF production log and any special instructions from supervisor before beginning shift.
Will ensure that all supplies are signed out through the storeroom clerk.
Will prepare designated food items according to AF recipes for each meal.
Will be informed of, and experienced in use of all equipment required to perform tasks (Steam kettles, mixing/slicing machines, ladles, knives, etc.)
Will inform Junior Cooks of tasks to be performed and food that they will need to prepare.
Will assure that all line servers are properly briefed on serving and portion control and are using the proper utensils.
Will contact shift Supervisor prior to menu changes.
Will be responsible for keeping food lines fully supplied.
Will review and sign AF production log after each meal.
Will sign AF 3516 for all rations removed from the store room for preparations of meals. Return all unused rations to store room after each meal.
Will be responsible for maintaining and cleaning all equipment after each use. This will include food prep tables (top and bottom shelves).
Will account for and document all leftovers and report this information to the shift Supervisor thirty minutes after each meal.
Will inform on-coming shift Senior Cook of all menu changes, leftovers, and instructions.
Will report any equipment needing repair to Supervisor.
Will be responsible for contacting Supervisor for other instructions when primary duties are completed.
Will be responsible for attending any scheduled meeting.
Will dress according to Dale Rogers Training Center/Federal Contracts dress code policy.

Chemicals exposed to include:
Bowl cleaner
Stainless Steel Polish
Floor cleaner
Chrome and porcelain
Neutral cleaner
Glass cleaner
Carpet spot remover
Enzyme Odor neutralizer

The applicant must possess at least three years of experience in food services to include Line cook or lead experience.
Completion of a certified food training program or culinary arts degree is preferred.

Dale Rogers Training Center
Perla Couture

You can submit an application online today, or print an application to fill out by hand and mail or fax to Dale Rogers Training Center.

Dale Rogers Training Center
2501 N. Utah Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73107
Phone: (405) 946-4489
Fax: (405) 943-9710

Video Phone #: (405) 445-7314

Dale Rogers Training Center is an EEO/AA/Vet/Disability Employer

Work Phone:
405-946-4489 ext.




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