Rural Development Specialist - Environmental (Southern CA)

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Rural Development Specialist - Environmental (Southern CA)

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The Rural Development Specialist (RDS) provides technical, managerial, and financial (TMF) assistance to small disadvantaged community water and wastewater systems and Tribal utilities so that they can operate sustainably and deliver quality services to the communities served. The RDS works closely with utility operators, utility managers, and community leaders to assist them in the operation and management of drinking water and wastewater systems. The RDS also prepares and delivers classroom, virtual and individual training as needed to build the capacity within utility staff.

Assess utilities’ needs and recommend solutions to identified gaps
Provide direct assistance and service to utility staff to build technical, managerial, and financial capacity to achieve long term sustainability
Provide access to federal, state, and local financing and grant opportunities to address utility needs
Promote and facilitate partnerships to maximize limited resources
Develop, prepare, and deliver group and one-on-one training
Provide excellent customer service
Prepare activity and outcome reports as required
Perform other duties as assigned

Skills and Qualifications
Ability to manage technical aspects of fieldwork related to water and/or wastewater
Facilitation, mediation, and meeting management skills in person and online
Be community-oriented and able to work with rural and Tribal communities with varying cultural beliefs and traditions, and to demonstrate sensitivity
and discretion in all aspects of work
Ability to troubleshoot, innovate, and problem-solve
Proficiency with personal computers including Microsoft Office Suite
Ability to complete administrative and reporting requirements related to working responsibilities promptly
Ability to listen effectively and communicate, verbally and in writing
Ability to work with minimum supervision and effectively prioritize multiple tasks
Ability to work independently as well as in team environments
Experience hosting or presenting training using online platforms

Preferred Education and Experience:
A combination of experience and education is required to qualify for the position. A typical qualifying combination would be:

Three years of applicable experience in water, wastewater, environmental project management, or other closely related fields (if a higher level of related education is possessed than is required, this education may be substituted for the experience requirement up to a maximum of one year). Experience in training, facilitating, and mediating community programs/projects is highly desirable.

Bachelor’s degree (Preferred experience working with Tribal communities. Additional qualifying experience may be substituted for the required education).

Rural Community Assistance Corporation
Annese Wriedt


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