Communicate with your Members and Prospects

Within MemberLeap, the Broadcast Email Message feature allows you to communicate with your members, prospects, and subgroups easily. As an extension of the Member Database, the broadcast email feature is a great tool that can improve communication.

  • HTML Formatted - emails sent out are HTML formatted, you can add formatting to make your messages very handsome and professional. You can add a custom header image and border to your messages to make them personalized to your organization.
  • Opt-out - recipients can opt-out from your lists automatically, or can send a manual message to an 'email manager'. This allows you to personally attend to removal requests, so members don't unintentionally opt-out when they just might want to reduce the number of messages they receive.
  • Personalized Salutation - you can include a salutation at the beginning of each email, personalized to the members name (Ex: "Dear Jack,").
  • Member Submission Control - members can submit messages to be sent to the rest of the membership, but these are pended for admin approval.
  • Bounce Tracking - the system tracks rejected email addresses and includes a system that allows you to easily update/correct the invalid emails.
  • Scheduled Messages - if you know you want to send a reminder message in the future concerning an upcoming event, why not schedule it now! Broadcast email allows you to schedule a message to be sent at a later date.
  • Recipient List Builder - when sending a message, you have a variety of tools allowing you to select recipients - by member type, by committee, by join date, by custom fields, and more!


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