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Event Name:2019 Essential Post-Season Tax Update
Description:In depth coverage of the myriad of issues arising from the 2018 filing season and how they impact filing extended returns and creating the need to amend returns already filed. In addition, the seminar covers how tax changes and developments impact the management of individual and business clients leading up to the 2019 filing season.

Thursday, July 18, 2019
8 CPEs in Taxation Available
Event Date:7/18/2019
Event Time:8:00 a.m.
Location:Eagle Eye Golf Club
15550 Chandler Road
Bath, MI 48808

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Contact Person:MTAP Staff
(phone: 517-641-7505)
Details:GEAR UP’s chief 1040 editor and 199A expert, Laurie Stillwell, presents an essential 8 hour session that addresses the myriad of issues and ambiguities that remain unresolved from the recently-completed filing season; what practitioners need to consider before filing extensions, and why returns that have been completed should be carefully reviewed with recently-released and revised IRS guidance.

In addition, Laurie will use practical examples and interactive discussion to highlight the adjustments you must consider for extensions and amending returns.

Topics include:

  • An in depth look at SALT – how Revenue Ruling 2019-11 changed things.
  • Revisiting Section 199A: how it impacted decision making during filing season and coverage of all the areas that mid-season IRS corrections changed . . . and why you need to take a second look at the flow-through returns you timely filed and will file on extension.
  • Did you handle ‘safe harbor’ on rental real estate correctly? We’ll cover Notice 2019-07 and answer that important question and more.
  • Everything you need to know on Section 199A operational rules.
  • Revisiting business bonus depreciation and how newly-proposed IRS regulations can dramatically change the returns you’ve filed.
  • What Revenue Procedure 2019-13 on bonus depreciation and the new safe harbor really means for a small business,
  • A closer look at small business accounting method reforms and how those exemptions impact your clients.
  • What Revenue Ruling 2019-40 means to your impacted business clients and steps you must take to insure compliance and proper tax management.
  • Business interest under the TCJA – yes, things have changed and we need to take a closer look.
  • Much more on the alternative depreciation system (ADS) and how Revenue Procedure 2019-08 impacts your handling of it.
  • Here we go again with business meals – a close look at Revenue Notice 2018-76.
  • Penalty relief under Notice 2019-20. Be sure your clients aren’t paying penalties for missing Schedule K-1 disclosures . . . and why an entity change moving forward should be considered.
  • In depth coverage of how Notice 2018-99 impacts business clients.
  • Proposed regulations on Opportunity Zones and how they impact handling affected clients.
Seminar Fees: 
MTAP Active Mbr $189             MTAP Associate Mbr $179    
Active Mbr Employee $206*    Non-Member $289

* Must be an employee of a MTAP Active member. Fee includes MTAP Associate membership valid through 9-30-2020.
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