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Event Name:Indoor Air 2018
Event Type(s):Conferences
Description:Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Event Date:7/22/2018 - 7/27/2018
Location:The Pennsylvania Convention Center
1101 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

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Contact Person:Drexel University

INDOOR AIR 2018 will feature a robust technical program with fun social events

The conference technical program is driven by the intellectual content of the papers authored by its participants and published in the Proceedings. These papers may be either 2-page Extended Abstracts or 8-page Full Papers.

There will NOT be an initial, short abstract submission stage for INDOOR AIR 2018, but rather the papers themselves are the first submission.

The Extended Abstracts will be reviewed and accepted/rejected by the conference technical committee, while the Full Papers will be single-blind peer-reviewed. Participants can submit their papers to one of ten thematic categories, including: 

  1. Concentrations and exposure
  2. Sources and emissions
  3. Chemistry and transformations
  4. Air cleaning and filtration
  5. Ventilation and HVAC systems
  6. Building simulation and CFD
  7. Microbiology and dampness
  8. Health effects and epidemiology
  9. Comfort, productivity, and perception
  10. Energy, climate change, and policy 

After the call for submission has closed, the conference technical committee will organize the accepted papers based on the ten themes into either platform sessions, which typically consist of six 12-minute presentations, or poster sessions

Also, parallel to the general platform sessions, conference participants have the option of organizing and leading Workshops and Symposia, which are more specific sessions organized around cutting-edge research or meant to probe the answer to a central question of interest. Session proposals are due before the deadline for submitting papers, so participants will have the option of submitting to a partipant-led session, as well as one of the ten thematic tracks. 

Timeline for interaction of session proposal and paper submission:

In addition to the technical program based on the papers published in the Proceedings, INDOOR AIR 2018 will feature a set of plenary lectures given by distinguished speakers to open the conference each day. We will also continue the tradition started in Ghent and hold the second offering of the ISIAQ Summer School (held before conference on July 21 and 22) for students and post-doc researchers.

Finally, INDOOR AIR 2018 will include social events that highlight Philadelphia while fostering networking and community.

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