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Event Name:Volunteer Motivation and the Enneagram Workshop
Description: Have you ever wondered what makes your volunteers tick? Wonder why some come back and others don't? Thought "If only I could figure out how to motivate our volunteers"?

Look no further. The Enneagram is a sophisticated, powerful, and ancient system for self-understanding and personal development, and is used worldwide as an effective tool in work, spirituality, and psychology. Come spend the morning studying this tool which will reshape the way you approach volunteer management.

The Enneagram offers a roadmap to address the specific challenges of each personality type and to develop the unique virtues of that type that are waiting to be discovered.  Support for better relationships and communication is a focus of the system, because discovering the “lens” through which we view the world is the first step in our comprehending how others may experience the world differently.  Just a basic understanding of the Enneagram broadens your skill in communicating with others.

The Enneagram helps people intentionally relate to each other by understanding what motivates themselves and others.  Common problems caused by miscommunications and other misunderstandings often result from people assuming that others see, or should see, the world the way they do.  The Enneagram puts organizational members on the fast track to improving their working relationships. With knowledge of the Enneagram, one can respond and interact in a manner that results in deeper understanding, better communication, and a more skillful use of energy toward achieving mutual goals.

Event Date:05-23-17
Event Time:8:30 am - 12:30 pm
Location:United Way of Columbia-Willamette
619 SW 11th Ave
Portland, OR 97205

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Contact Person:Kyle Hummel
Details: About the Presenter Dale Rhodes:

Dale Rhodes has extensive nonprofit management experience: as a direct service coordinator for homeless and mentally ill people with Thresholds Bridge in Chicago, as Director of Group Services for the Chicago GLBT Center Horizons, as Director of the Illinois AIDS Hotline in Chicago, as a MetroCrisis/ProtoCall Account Manager in Portland, and as the Ryan White Federal Care Act Council Staff for the Multnomah County Commissioner; all of which support his work as a seasoned consultant and trainer.  

Since 2002, Dale has been providing training and ongoing community experiences with the Enneagram. Enneagram Portland is named in formal global partnership with Enneagram Worldwide.  Dale has been the counselor on duty at the Enneagram Professional Training Program (EPTP) and he is currently a staff mentor for candidates seeking  professional certification.  Dale has also completed certification as an Enneagram trainer through the Enneagram Spectrum Training and Certification program with author Jerry Wagner, Ph.D from Loyola University Chicago.  He has been fortunate to study in person with a wide variety of accomplished Enneagram teachers, providing the basis for an interdisciplinary approach to exploring the Nine Points of View.

Pricing for this workshop is $60 for members of NOVAA and partner networks, $80 for non-members.
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Dale Rhodes

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